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safe product use

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We want to ensure you are using your Boppy products correctly and confidently…because there are enough unknowns in parenting! Caregiving can be hard, but we want to make sure using Boppy products is easy. Through rigorous testing and thoughtful design, you can be comfortable in your decision when choosing Boppy, and we are here to get you confident when using your Boppy products with clear warnings on products and our extensive library of manuals and how-to videos.

If you have a question about your Boppy product(s) and can’t find the answer in our Safe Use Hub or FAQ page feel free to reach out to On the other end is our Queen of Service, Rachel, who is happy to help!

correct product use

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supervised awake-time only, not for sleep

Boppy is a long-time supporter of First Candle, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to the survival of babies throughout the first years of life. Thank you for learning and following American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)’s safe sleep guidelines and only using sleep-approved products for sleep and naps. Reminder: Boppy Original Supports should NEVER be used for sleep.

Boppy proudly supports SIDS research through First Candle. For more information on safe sleep:

the boppy pledge

Join us in keeping babies safe!

Take the pledge to use Boppy infant products for adult-supervised awake time only. Boppy will donate $1 to First Candle, an organization dedicated to saving babies and supporting families, for every pledge made, up to $10,000!

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caregiver tips for proper use when you're away

Download our Caregiver Guide so they know proper use when you’re away. Always remind secondary caregivers of the proper use of your baby products. Do not remove warning labels from products…you may know how to correctly use a product, but does everyone?

is your daycare using Boppy products?

We love seeing Boppy Original Supports in daycares. Make sure they are using them correctly by sharing this Daycare Use Guide with your childcare provider.

Daycare products get a lot of use and we always want to ensure products for your baby are in good condition. If your child’s daycare needs to order more Boppy product, make sure they know about our bulk discount. They can email for more info on how to order!


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