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social media policy

comment moderation policy

Be kind. Parenthood is full of choices. Please be respectful to parents who’ve made different parenting choices than you. We are all just tryin’ our best and working to be better. Please lead with love and give your fellow caretakers the respect you’d like to receive. Be here to uplift fellow caregiviers as they do what is right for them and their family.

Be truthful. Raising a kid is hard work, but it is a little easier when you have the right information. Please always be truthful in your posts and do not spread information you know to be false or unsafe.

Be on topic. We love a good chat, but to better serve our community, please keep comments on topic.

Don't spam. If you come to our website, blog, or social networking presence to promote your company, service, or product, chances are we will remove the post unless it is relevant to the conversation and does so in a non-commercial fashion. Good on you for the hustle, but your efforts will be deleted.

Don’t be a potty mouth. New moms are talking about baby poop pretty regularly…we don’t mean that! To ensure people feel comfortable and respected, please avoid offensive or inappropriate language.

We welcome tips, experiences and an open dialog on our social media channels. To ensure a supportive community, the following comments will not be tolerated on Boppy social media channels and will be deleted at the interpretation of the account’s moderator:

  • Hate speech
  • Profane, vulgar, offensive or inappropriate language
  • Nudity, vulgar, or offensive images in profile pictures
  • Aggressive or personal attacks and defamation of any kind
  • Misinformation
  • Comments that appear to be spam or selling products
  • Comments that include off-topic or competitor links
  • Trolling
  • Attacks on parenting styles
  • Content that infringes on copyrights
  • Any other comment deemed inappropriate

Major and/or repeat offences of our social media policy may lead one to be blocked. Our monitoring capabilities are not 24/7. We may not see every inappropriate comment right away. We trust that our community will maturely ignore or politely respond to negative speech. If you have any questions or concerns about out social media policy, please contact us

social media partners

Although we do our best to vet our partners to ensure they align with our mission to support all momkind, sometimes we can miss something. The comments and opinions of people we partner with do not necessarily reflect the values and beliefs of The Boppy Company. To report a partner who is in violation of our social media policy, please email


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