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"Research has shown that breastfeeding support pillows, such as Boppy, are helpful for those attempting to breastfeed their infant."

Ian M. Paul, MD

Pediatrician, Hershey, PA, USA

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Dr. Paul is a board-certified general pediatrician with over 20 years of clinical experience in both the pediatric office and newborn nursery settings. He is also an educator and researcher, who has conducted many studies designed to support breastfeeding. He led the development of the Newborn Weight Tool (NEWT), which is publicly available at NEWT is designed to help those who are breastfeeding by comparing an individual baby’s weight loss against that from a large sample of newborns.


"The Boppy support continues to be one of the most highly requested items of our prenatal moms participating in Healthy Start program when using their incentive points. It is also the highlighted item during our WIC World Breastfeeding Month, Black Breastfeeding Week and our annual Shower of Knowledge Community Partners Baby Shower as the #1 giveaway for moms to support them during their breastfeeding journey. The ongoing support and sponsorship by Boppy has impacted our ongoing initiatives to improve breastfeeding in Louisiana."

-Mary E. Schultheis

Founder, President & CEO of Crescent City Family Services

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Community-based nonprofit offering services focused on Maternal, Child and Family Health & Wellness within the State of Louisiana. The first in the country to intergrade a WIC & Healthy Start program named a Perfect Match. WIC Service provider administering services within Region 1 in the State of Louisiana and Healthy Start HRSA funded grantee focused on reducing racial disparities, infant mortality and expanding activities to address maternal mortality and morbidity in Jefferson Parish of Louisiana.


"Excitedly, as the self-described “Patient and the Policy Maven,” my strong advocacy for Boppy products is based on my own lived experience breastfeeding my two beautiful sons! Leading up to the birth of my first son, I purchased a Boppy, and was sure to have it on hand for the first suckles. Following my discharge from the hospital, my wonderful lactation consultant visited my home and perfected this first-time mama’s and newborn’s latch with the help of the Boppy Original Feeding and Infant Support Pillow. By the time I birthed my second son, I was not only a consumer-advocate, but also a product pro as I had mastered the many the ways the Boppy pillow could provide support and assistance with breastfeeding initiation and duration. As an extended breastfeeding mom who has nursed consecutively for 2.5-years (and counting!), when discussing breastfeeding awareness, education, and support as well as investing in breastfeeding to advance health equity, I always highlight the essentiality lactation consultants and the Boppy nursing pillow—a product made with mamas in mind!"

-Denys Symonette Mitchell, MSW

Founder & Principal, Symonette Strategies & Solutions, LLC

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As a maternal health policy professional and extended breastfeeding mom, Denys champions health equity by advancing breastfeeding awareness, education and support through high-impact advocacy campaigns, and consensus building that engages government, nonprofit and community entities. A preeminent thought-leader, Denys has a successful record translating asks into action as the Founder and Principal of a strategic communications consultancy that specializes in developing cohesive, multilateral strategies utilizing an innovative diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racist approach. As a former Congressional Staffer and federal employee, she brings over a decade of combined experience in government and nonprofit operations, in addition to a strong working knowledge of Washington, and deeply cultivated relationships with key players in the Beltway. Denys completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Howard University. She resides in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Dr. Ceylon Mitchell, and their two toddler sons.


"Boppy products especially the head rests and Tummy Time pillow are used during therapy for infants diagnosed with congenital muscular torticollis. Boppy products are used to promote tummy time in babies with limb differences who have challenges tolerating tummy time. Boppy pillow is used to help nursing mothers position their babies for breast feeding and bottle feeding. Tummy Time is important for all infants. Tummy Time helps babies develop muscles needed to push up on arms and to prop in sitting. Boppy products can help babies engage and tolerate tummy time."

-Colleen P Coulter PT, DPT, PhD

Physical Therapist IV, Team Lead of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Limb Deficiency Program

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Dr. Coulter also serves as the physical therapist in the Cranial Remolding Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and was instrumental in co-authoring the 2013 and 2018 update of Physical Therapy Management of Congenital Muscular Torticollis: an evidence based Clinical Practice Guideline from the American Physical Therapy Association and the manuscript Developing Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Clinical Practice Guidelines. In 2004 she co-authored the chapter Identification and Treatment of Congenital Muscular Torticollis in Infants in the 2004 supplement to JPO, Orthotic Treatment of Deformational Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly and Scaphocephaly. In addition, she continues to lecture and published in peer review journals and books on topics relating to physical therapy interventions in children with torticollis and cranial deformations that include chapters in the Campbell’s Physical Therapy for Children, Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs for Children, and Physical Therapy Case Files: Pediatrics


"Through our Let’s Talk Community Chats with new and expecting families we’ve been able to discuss breastfeeding and the benefits and proper use of the Boppy Nursing Support. These new families often don’t have the opportunity to discuss breastfeeding with their doctors so being able to share this information on the benefits of breastfeeding in reducing the risk of SIDS and for mom’s health is invaluable. A healthy mom makes a healthy baby and having nursing support pillows helps tremendously in extending the length of breastfeeding."

-Alison Jacobson

Executive Director/ CEO, First Candle

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Alison Jacobson has been involved with First Candle for over 20 years following the loss of her first son to Sudden Unexpected Infant Death in 1997. For six years she served on the Board of Directors and continued to play a role as spokesperson and consultant. Ms. Jacobson assumed the role of Executive Director/ CEO in 2016 and has since guided the organization through a rebranding and renewed focus on addressing the racial disparities in the rates of Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths and how implicit bias and social determinants of health factor into these deaths. This led to the development of First Candle’s safe sleep and implicit bias training program for care providers, Straight Talk for Infant Safe Sleep and their community-based parent education program Let’s Talk Chats for safe sleep and breastfeeding. Her collaborative work with organizations and agencies including the Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, Center for Black Women’s Wellness, the March of Dimes, the NICHD, HRSA, CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics has helped her forward the organization’s mission to get every baby to their first birthday.


"I not only have observed the original Boppy in use, I used it with my own child. I used it to support my breastfeeding journey but I also used it to support his motor skill development. It is a great tool for assisting with tummy time, reaching, and sitting to name a few!"

-Stacy Menz, PT, DPT, PCS

Pediatric Physical Therapist, Owner of Starfish Therapies

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Stacy Menz, PT, DPT, PCS is a pediatric clinical specialist and the owner of Starfish Therapies a pediatric physical therapy company. In order to increase her impact on children and their families she teaches at several PT programs, is on the board of WAWOS, and consults with companies to maximize their products ability to enhance development.


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