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Mom wearing ComfyFit Carrier carrying yoga matt.

Tips for New Mom Self-Care

As a mom of a newborn, it’s easy to forget your own needs. Your little bundle of joy becomes your biggest priority and life becomes a balancing act of work and family.
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Baby laying on Boppy Newborn Lounger

Tips for Your First Week with Baby

Your baby is nestled safely in his car seat and your journey home marks a new milestone as he arrives home for the first time. While you can do your best to get ready for his arrival, your first week home with baby is a learning time in “uncharted territory.”
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Dad feeding baby on a Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow.

How to Help Baby with Reflux

As breastfeeding or bottle-feeding becomes part of your new mom routine you might find yourself readily prepared with a burp cloth for messes. What causes him to spit up afterwards is part of a common symptom most babies experience, infant reflux.
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Dad touching mom's belly as she lays on the Boppy Total Body Pillow.

A Dad's (or Partner's) Guide to Pregnancy

Your significant other’s pregnancy announcement gives her extra attention as the mom-to-be, but your role as dad or partner doesn’t need to be overlooked. Don’t feel left out, counteract that feeling by getting involved early on in the pregnancy.
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Breastfeeding with a Boppy® Boutique Slipcover

The Boppy Company Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month

In recognition of August being National Breastfeeding Month, The Boppy Company is continuing its effort of donating breastfeeding kits to support Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programs; hospitals and clinics; breastfeeding coalitions and Le Leche League
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Mom breastfeeding baby on the Boppy Luxe Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, Gray Lion.

Introducing the Royal Collection

You want to give them the world, start with the world of royal comfort with the Boppy Royal Collection. The collection features a variety of luxuriously soft items. 
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Aesthetic Show 2019 Exhibitor Badge

The Boppy Company to Attend The Aesthetic Show 2019

Boppy is so excited to announce that we will be attending The Aesthetic Show 2019! The show will be held in Las Vegas, NV July 11- 14. Make sure to stop by booth 730 to learn about Boppy® HC Products.
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Star-Spangled Babies Baby Shower attendees with their Boppy products.

2019 Star-Spangled Babies Baby Shower

Boppy was proud to be able to support the 2019 Star-Spangled Babies Baby Shower, hosted by Operation Homefront. The shower was held on May 19 at Hotel Elegante in Colorado Spring, CO. Operation Homefront's Star-Spangled Babies baby shower program is in place to make it easier for our service members and their growing families to welcome the newest patriot to their families.
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The Boppy Company Named Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Providers – 2019

The Boppy Company Named Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Providers – 2019

The Boppy Company was recognized by Med Tech Outlook magazine as a Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Providers – 2019. This an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing pediatrics solutions and impacting the industry.
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Dad and baby bonding

What Your Partner Should Bring to the Hospital

Your baby is due any day now. Perhaps you have that hospital bag packed and ready to go. As you go to the hospital to give birth, your partner or significant other is going to need some essential items too. Just as you’re getting prepped ahead of time for the hospital, so should your partner. 
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Mom and Dad bonding with baby.

When Your Baby Is on the Move

Crawling is a huge milestone and a step towards independent mobility. Babies typically begin crawling between six and 10 months. It takes strong, developed muscles for him to crawl. He can build this strength and control through tummy time or learning to successfully sit up without support. Once he starts to master his mobility, prepare for him to take off. Keep in mind not every baby crawls the same way. Here are some signs that he’s ready to master this next step and some crawling styles to watch for.
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Dad bonding with baby.

Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

When it comes to parental bonding, mothers have a nine-month advantage over fathers to develop that intimate connection, but that doesn’t mean dad should feel left out. In the past, experts thought bonding had to happen soon after giving birth, but this is now considered a misconception. Fathers must remember that bonding takes time. The best way a dad can bond with baby is through one-on-one time and caregiving. Here are some of the ways to strengthen that fatherhood bond.
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