The People Behind the Pillows

Hear from the real moms, aunts, grandmas and Boppy® enthusiasts that bring their passion of being a parent into work. The small, but mighty team helps bring Boppy products to all parents worldwide. Meet some of the team for yourself and hear the truth in their mom stories. We are: Makers. Inventors. Comfort Enthusiasts. Supporters of all Moms & Dads. Baby Lovers. We are just like you.

Amy St. Germain

Co-Chief Executive Officer

I am a pro at taking a walk with a 6-year old, two toddlers, a double stroller and a 100 pound dog, while eating popsicles. We call it 'Pop & Walk.'

Laurie Gerstenkorn

Co-Chief Executive Officer

My goal is to attend a game at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums. 28 down, 2 to go!

Clarice Bonzer

Chief Creative Officer

I'm always 'out-cute-ing' everyone in the office.

Emily De Sousa

Vice President of Sales

I love to travel and one of my most memorable moments is when I ran off the side of a mountain in Switzerland to go hang gliding.

Jim Wilkins

Vice President of Supply Chain & IT Management

My favorite things are college basketball, reading, & hanging with my family (not necessarily in that order)!

Scott Roswell

General Counsel

I enjoy the Michigan lakes and the Colorado mountains with my family. Best of both worlds.

Natasha Ballard

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

A personal goal is to visit a new country every year.

Chandra Bennetts

Operations Account Manager

I am a small town girl at heart. I love the snow – and snowboarding of course.

Renee Brandt

Project Manager

I love touring any and all open houses on weekends.

Lindsay Coffey

Sales Director

My name is fitting… I literally own 8 coffee contraptions.

Lori Daughtry

Accounts Receivable Specialist

I love avocados, but not guacamole.

Virginia DeWitt

eCommerce Marketing Manager

I have a passion for curating. Playlists, charcuterie boards, and more!

Jessica Doyle

Director of Quality and Compliance

I visited 9 countries in 1 year. In total I have traveled to 15 countries!

Rachel Drummond

Office Manager

My happily ever after will be on a sailboat.

Jill Fockler

Quality Assurance Manager

I have worked in every department in The Boppy Company!

Sarah Gallegos

Associate Designer

I am a lover of vintage fashion and making homemade yogurt.

Haley Gibbons

Senior Technical Designer & Innovations Engineer

I collect taxidermy.

Maryanne Grant

Senior National Account Manager

I refuse to drink hot coffee – even in the dead of winter during a snowstorm you will find me sipping on cold brew!

Brian Gritzmaker

Graphic Designer

I love smiling, and the “Holstee Manifesto” sums up my outlook on life perfectly.

Marraine Johnson

Demand Planning & Logistics Manager

I’m a leap year baby – born in 1992. Forever young.

Dawn Kennedy


Growing up, my dream job was to be a back-up dancer.

Jodie Kranz

Special Projects Manager

I am a volunteer butterfly monitor so you can often find me walking slowly down trails trying to identify and count Colorado's butterflies.

Amanda Krusoe

Senior Sales Development Manager

Birthdays are my favorite - I was adopted and arrived from Vietnam on my Dad's 37th birthday

Julia Larrabee

Senior Product Innovation Manager

I am the European champion in parallel parking.

Kelly Lee

Global Sourcing Manager

I love gardening & raise Monarch butterflies with my daughter. We raised 100 in 2020 and around 60 in 2021.

Cathy McNeil

Senior Designer

I blacksmith with my husband.

Paola Merlo

Business Development Manager

I live and work in Italy!

April Moore

Accounts Payable Specialist

I would love to travel & photograph Europe!

Sarah Myres

Social Media & Influencer Manager

I was adopted from Russia when I was 10 months old!

Valentina Porro

International Business Development Specialist

I am the perfect Italian stereotype: I love cooking and eating pasta!

Alfred Sedillo

Inventory Analyst

My favorite color is purple. My high school and college team color is purple. And go Rockies!

Christy Vaughan

National Account Manager

I’m a happy, smiley person who has never met a stranger.

Ann Winslow

Graphic Designer

I grew up in Hawaii and Japan, and oddly I don’t like Sushi.