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Positioning patients for sucess

boppy healthcare supports

It all started over three decades ago with the iconic and award-winning Boppy® Original Nursing Support. As we saw the product increase breastfeeding success and better support ergonomic positioning, The Boppy Company expanded its product line to include Healthcare products.

Designed for multi-patient use, the latex-free and easy to clean, Boppy® Healthcare Support with Boppy® Disposable Slipcovers promotes breastfeeding, saves time for hospital staff, and helps positions patients as needed.


The New boppy® healthcare support nursing pillow

Designed specifically for healthcare, the Boppy® Healthcare Support maintains the same qualities as the Boppy® Original Nursing Support with ergonomic positioning for breastfeeding. The Boppy hospital grade support also provides patient and apparatus positioning during treatments.

why the update?

We wanted to take the guess work out of ensuring your Boppy Healthcare Support Nursing Pillow is up to date with a color-coded system. When a new color comes out, it’s time to replace your Boppy nursing pillow! Designed specifically for healthcare, the Boppy Healthcare Support Nursing Pillow maintains the same qualities as the Boppy® Original Support Nursing Pillow with ergonomic positioning for breastfeeding with added needs for the healthcare space. The Boppy Healthcare Support Nursing Pillow has been shown to cut down on nurses’ time to prop breastfeeding moms with bed pillows* and help with positioning during treatments.

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impermeable fabric

Nursing pillow made specifically for hospital use passes ASTM tests for liquid and blood permeability and prevents strike-through


The healthcare nursing pillow is made of wipeable fabric that helps maintain cleanliness

Safe for patients

100% polyester, PFAS-free, latex-free and the pillow is filled with polyester fiber. Meets all flammability standards without the addition of flame-retardant chemicals


Puts patient in an ergonomically correct position when breastfeeding baby or provides apparatus
support during treatments

Durable Vinyl Boppy

Supports multi-patient use with the addition of Boppy® Disposable Slipcovers sold separately

Manufacturer’s Item Number: 00056089020490

Not available through
retail channels

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boppy® disposable covers

Designed specifically for healthcare, the Boppy® Disposable Covers fit the Boppy® Healthcare Support in an easy-close, disposable non-woven design.

easy to use

Fits the Boppy® Healthcare
Support with a hook and loop closure


Designed for single-patient use

Safe for patients and sensitive skin

100% Polypropylene, latex-free


Water-repellent fabric

Manufacturer’s Item Number: 00057002010490

Not available through
retail channels

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Boppy® Original Support in Jungle Beat

The perfect discharge gift for new parents or a great take-home support for recovery where positioning support is needed. Give patients support where it is needed with a plush, hypoallergenic fiber fill support in a breathable, machine washable design.

Created for comfort

Provides relief to your arms and back by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding or bottle feeding

Moms have options

Works for multiple feeding styles— cradle, cross cradle, football hold, bottle feeding

recovery positioning

Support ongoing correct positioning for patients with a unique shape that helps patients be in the most helpful positions for recovery and pain relief

removable cover

Comes dressed in a removable support cover with an easy-on covered zipper design

machine washable

The support and cover are machine washable

Manufacturer’s Item Number: 00056007020490

Not available through retail channels

how to order


Support for patient during treatment or puts mom in an ergonomically correct position when feeding baby.

impermeable fabric

Passed AAMI test for liquid permeability.

designed for multi-patient use

The Boppy® Healthcare Support is latex-free and easy to clean.


nursing success

of moms left the hospital successfully nursing with Boppy Pillows (only 62.3% were successful with bed pillows)

*2016 and 2017 Boppy Healthcare Professional Survey


babies are born daily

in hospitals that trust Boppy Healthcare Products.

*Based off of CDC Provisional number of births for 2021

boppy® healthcare products

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