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Safe Sleep Environment Basics from Moms on Call

We’ve partnered with our friends at Moms on Call to bring you a guide for creating the ideal safe sleep environment for your baby. Prepare for everyone (not just baby!) to get a great night’s sleep!

Safe Sleep Environment Basics from Moms on Call: 

  • Environment: The first important thing to understand is that babies (like adults) learn by association and routine. So, giving them a boring sleep environment helps them to do just that–sleep!

  • Location: Babies can develop great sleeping habits in any room. Moms on Call recommends that babies sleep in their own room or in a bassinet/crib in your room. You are the parent and you get to choose where your baby sleeps!

  • Crib: The crib should be less than 5 years old and have a new mattress. It should be free of all stimulation.

    • This means no pillows, stuffed animals, loose blankets, and interactive toys (including mobiles) in or near the crib. Don’t worry, you can still use that cute mobile! Just hang it over the dresser or changing table.

  • Crib Mattress: A dual-firmness crib mattress is ideal. These mattresses feature extra-firm support that infants need on one side and less firmness on the other for the comfort that toddlers prefer. Learn more about choosing a crib mattress.

    • The mattress should also have a mattress cover and a tightly fitted crib sheet.

  • Sound Machine: Use a sound machine to play white noise that is kept on all night and through naps.

    • Place it approximately 2-3 feet from the head of the crib, level with the mattress and on a safe surface outside the crib.

    • White noise is one detail you will see over and over again in the Moms on Call resources is white noise. Why? White noise plays a big role in night time and nap time sleep for babies. Learn more about the importance of white noise.

  • Lighting: At night, the room is pitch black. During naptime, window blinds can be left open, or a lamp can be left on.

    • Why? Babies’ bodies naturally regulate light. This means, they will associate night with darkness and naptime with daylight.

  • Temperature: The room should be kept at a cool 68-72ºF. Babies sleep best in cooler temps!


Moms on Call has partnered with over a million parents worldwide by helping them establish daily routines that promote healthy growth and development from the newborn days through the toddler years. They have created a library of resources, including three books, four video courses, two apps, and a flourishing network of consultants, that was designed to answer parents’ most common questions. Moms on Call is proud to equip parents with trusted resources and practical guidance to navigate their child’s first four years with confidence, clarity, and better sleep.


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