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National Burn Awareness Week

February 7 – 13 is National Burn Awareness Week. All organizations are invited to share common burn awareness and prevention messages in our communities.

Caring for a newborn, especially during a pandemic, can be challenging. We get it - you’re tired and need that caffeine boost! While you’re wearing baby in your Boppy ComfyChic Baby Carrier or you’re feeding baby on your Boppy Nursing Pillow, you may be tempted to enjoy your warm beverage. But before you do that, consider that hot drink spills are the most common cause of burns to infants and toddlers. 

Moms know multi-tasking! But drinking a hot drink while carrying baby in a front carrier, nursing, or while baby is in a stroller or cart creates an unnecessary hazard. If knocked over, the drink will spill on baby.

We can prevent what is usually a blistering burn by avoiding the situations that precipitate them. Plan to keep hot beverages at least four feet from your baby every moment. 

At times, that may require foregoing your favorite drink, but eliminating the risk is worth the wait!

For more resources on burn prevention visit, or


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