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June is Safety Month: Let’s work together to increase safety!

At Boppy we put safety first and work to ensure you are using your Boppy product(s) correctly and confidently…because there are enough unknowns in parenting!

In honor of June Safety month, we are adding to our safe-use communication and need your help! We invite parents and caregivers to take and share the Boppy Pledge. Our goal is to reach as many caregivers as possible by the end of June Safety Month.

The Boppy Pledge

The Boppy Pledge asks parents to pledge to use Boppy Pillows for adult-supervised awake-time only and to ask others to do the same by sharing the pledge with their peers. We hope to spread safe product use information and safe infant sleeping practices beyond our direct community with the help of Boppy parents like you! With each pledge, Boppy will donate to First Candle to further support its efforts in SIDs education and loss support.

Take the pledge HERE and join the movement! After you take the pledge, share it and ask other caregivers to join us using #BoppyPledge!

Here are some of the other ways we are putting safety first! 

Safe Use Education Online

Boppy products are designed by women and mothers to provide the most support possible. From nursing solutions to a hands-free moment, we’re here for you. Check out our Safe Use page to get correct product use information on all of our Boppy product.

We’ve even created Caregiver Guides for you to share with babysitters and daycares to ensure products are used correctly while not in your care.

Awake-Time Messaging

Boppy products are created for adult-supervised awake-time only. If your baby does fall asleep on a Boppy product, it’s time to move them to a safe sleeping spot. We have partnered with First Candle, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to the survival of babies throughout the first years of life, to share some safe sleep recommendations and have an ongoing awake-time campaign to continuously remind parents of the importance.

We’ve created an awake-time icon to prompt parents to not allow babies to sleep on Boppy Pillows that is on packaging and product pages online as a clear reminder of safe product use.

Also, check out the hashtag #AwakeTimeOnly on Instagram and see a bunch of adorable babies awake and using their Boppy Pillows correctly!

We work to be very clear about how to correctly use a product and are very straightforward about what our products do and don’t do. You will not see an image that contradicts our warnings (and if you catch something we missed, please email

Email Education

When you purchase an item on, you will automatically receive an email with correct use guidelines and tips for staying safe. Read these emails along with all warnings and instructions to ensure you have the info needed to keep your baby safe. 

The Momkind Project

Boppy started The Momkind Project to empower, support and educate Mom throughout her journey of motherhood. By fostering a community of engaged mothers, subject matter experts and organizations, we can connect with real moms on a personal level to connect and educate around topics Boppy strongly cares about. The Momkind Project focuses on safe use and best practices, mental health and reaching ALL momkind through free and accessible programming.

PR Efforts

Our commitment to communicate correctly goes beyond our channels. We watch outside of our brand and work to ensure that if Boppy is mentioned, it is communicating safe and correct usage. If we see something that can potentially be misinformation around correct use, we reach out and ask that it be corrected.

Boppy is a Safe Sleep Guardian,

Every day we see images of babies in unsafe sleep situations on social media and in ads that normalize unsafe environments for new parents. What may look cute for the Pinterest board may not be safe for your baby.

Even though Boppy products are not for sleep, we often have images of products in nurseries. Boppy is dedicated to our role in First Candle’s Safe Sleep Guardian program and will not share any incorrect product use or unsafe sleep environments in any Boppy assets. We believe that brands and content creators are important in modeling safe environments, so caregivers understand what it means. 


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