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Celebrate International Babywearing Week: Babywearing 101

Experts agree, babywearing has so many benefits for both caregivers and the baby, it’s no wonder that we see more and more parents, grandparents, and sitters using baby carriers. Some of the benefits include regulating the baby’s temperature and heart rate, bonding more with the baby, helping the baby be less fussy, and improved cognitive function. For the parents, it offers convenience, reduces postpartum depression, and makes exercising easier.  


There are many products on the market. How do you know the right carrier to buy? Personal fit is important. We are all different shapes and sizes, so try on the baby carrier after the baby is born. Be sure you can adjust it to your body and be comfortable. You may want to invest in several different styles for different occasions; a lightweight one for hotter days, a carrier with multiple adjustments and inserts for a growing baby, and one you may use to have more skin-to-skin contact with your newborn. 


When using a baby carrier, it’s important to follow the user manual so the baby is safe and you are comfortable with wearing your baby. Some key tips to remember are: 

  • Hold baby close.
  • Keep baby in view at all times.
  • The baby’s head should be up high enough it is close enough to kiss.
  • Position the baby’s head so the chin is not touching the chest. 
  • Keep baby’s back supported.


Newborn babies should never be worn facing outward or on your back. Keep the baby facing you so you can position them properly and keep an eye on them. The carrier will help the baby feel like it is still in your womb, which will keep them calmer. 


Is too much babywearing harmful to your baby? No. Experts agree that holding a baby in the early months meets the infant’s basic need to feel safe. Babies who are picked up as soon as they begin to cry tend to cry less often and for shorter periods than do babies whose parents don’t respond quickly.


It’s hard to remember all the dos and don'ts regarding babywearing. Even celebrities don’t get it right. There is no shame in getting it wrong, but it’s important to take advice from experts. One of the best resources is from the company where you purchase your product. They are the expert when it comes to their goods. Other resources include the American Academy of Pediatrics. For resources like doulas and post natal Trusted Providers, visit


Whichever carrier you choose, enjoy the moments when you are carrying your little one. Time goes by fast and soon, they will be little toddlers wanting to run freely. Undoubtedly, you will want to hold on and cherish these moments forever.


This article was originally posted by our friends at Totsquad.


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