Boppy supports breastfeeding from birth. We make Boppy Healthcare Nursing Pillows for use in hospitals to help mom successfully breastfeed baby with professionals at the hospital. Healthcare providers love the thoughtful and intuitive design of the Boppy® HC Pillows, which ergonomically positions both mom and baby for the most effortless breastfeeding experience possible. Latex-free and easy to clean, Boppy® HC Pillow and Boppy® HC Best Latch™ Breastfeeding Pillow are a perfect fit for moms and healthcare professionals.

Disposable slipcovers available for single patient use

Expectant Moms


Expectant Moms

Congratulations on expecting! We’d love to help you get prepared for your baby’s upcoming birthday! If you’re planning on breastfeeding, ask your delivering hospital if they carry Boppy Healthcare Pillows (Boppy HC Pillows) to help you successfully breastfeed before you go home. If they don’t carry our pillows yet, have them contact us at

New Moms

Congratulations new mama! One of our goals is to help new moms successfully breastfeed right after delivery if they choose to do so. Help us learn more in order to help future moms by sharing your breastfeeding experience in your delivering facility. Please take a quick moment to fill out our Hospital Survey. Thank you!