Fun Things to Do When You’re Almost Due!

September 18, 2018

You’re in the homestretch of your pregnancy, Mama—and whether you’re feeling a little
weepy at the bittersweet realization that the amazing journey is almost over or feeling so
over it already, the fact is, there’s lots to do when you’re 8 months pregnant or more. The
good news: A lot of those third-trimester to-dos are fun! Check out our list (and have fun
crossing everything off).

Make every beauty appointment you can.

We’re not going to give you the whole “You’ll never have time for this stuff again!” spiel, but let’s be honest: You won’t want dark roots in your new-mom pics, and as for your bikini
area? Well, let’s just say you’re not going to want anyone in that area postpartum—least of
all someone wielding hot wax. So take care of all of your beauty necessities in the final
weeks before you expect your baby. Get a mani-pedi in a fun shade of pink or blue (or both, if baby’s gender will be a surprise) and spring for a prenatal massage, too.

Learn how to use your baby carrier and stroller.

There’s a reason new moms are always late for everything: getting out of the house with a
baby takes time. When you’re trying to get to a pediatrician’s appointment—or even just out for a walk and some fresh air—you don’t want to be figuring out how to get your babe into her wrap carrier or how to collapse that dang stroller you spent a small fortune on. Watch the DVDs, read the instruction manuals and practice that “patented one-step fold” now.

Pick out baby’s going-home outfit and wash it.

Of course, your baby will look sweet in a hospital-provided cap and plain white kimono top, but he’ll look even more adorable in a special going-home outfit. So pick out the softest, easiest-to-put-on (i.e., nothing that has to go over your baby’s head) outfit you can find.

Have a cooking party to stock your fridge and freezer.

You may not feel comfortable asking someone to start a meal chain for you, but
you can invite your best friends over for a cocktails-and-cooking party. (The cocktails are for them, of course.) They can help you make double batches of your favorite freezer-friendly meals so that during those first bleary-eyed weeks with your newborn, you’ll be able to simply pop something homemade in the oven.

See a movie… in a theater.

Better yet, see a double feature! Enjoy the fact that you aren’t paying a babysitter on top of the cost of those crazy ticket prices and the money you spent on a bucket of popcorn.

Pack your hospital bag.

Chances are you’re not going to be there long, so you don’t really need to haul a stuffed-full roller bag with you. Pack the necessities you know will make you feel good, and add a few fun extras—a pretty nursing bra, cozy socks, some granola bars, whatever. Remember that PJs and undies might not fare so well, so pack (or buy) wisely.

Go on a date.

Sure, you might be able to bring your baby to a decent restaurant, but plenty of swanky
establishments will give you the stink-eye if you show up for your reservation with an
occupied car seat in hand. So do it up during what will be your last date night for a bit. Go to one of those really un-kid-friendly, fancy establishments. Or go on a daylong hike. Although you and your partner will be spending plenty of quality time together once Baby’s around, now’s the time to do things that won’t be possible (or as much fun) with that tiny bundle by your side.

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