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Top Five Reasons You Should Babywear

After months of maternity wear, there are many pre-baby wardrobe choices new moms are excited to wear again. However, babywearing experts suggest the most important thing a new mother can wear is her newborn. Babywearing keeps babies happier and helps cognitive development. Plus, it can be done with any caregiver!


Newborns are trying to figure out this puzzle called life. They had a routine in the womb, but it was disrupted by birth. Babywearing extends the womb experience because the infant can get used to biological rhythms again, such as hearing the mother’s heartbeat which may lead to a much calmer baby.


What do babies do when they’re not crying and fussing? They’re learning -- maybe not quite in the traditional sense, but they’re able to interact with their environment. Babywearing may allow better interaction between parent and baby and provide the opportunity for better bonding.


The more time you spend bonding with your baby as you babywear, the more that bond grows into understanding human interactions. He is seeing, hearing and learning to feel what you do by being so close for interaction and he is aware of your face, walking rhythm and even your scent.

Smarter Baby

Babywearing is one way for baby’s developing brain to make the right connections. Your baby may develop better speech because he’s up at voice and eye level and more involved in conversations. He may even learn the valuable ability to listen too!

Babywearing is a rewarding experience for both parents and infants, so wear your baby for a happier, more attentive little one and start building that lifetime bond.

Great for Your Mental Health

Babywearing allows mom and dad to get out of the house, interact with their social networks, and enjoy a boost in confidence during this new life stage. Plus, research shows babywearing reduces the risk of Post-Partum Depression in new parents due to increased skin-to-skin bonding time.


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