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The Products She Loves

When I got pregnant last year, I felt lucky to work at Boppy and have access to all these products I trust. Three months into parenthood, I already have some favorites! I am a 35-year-old working mom living in a city, so I needed my baby products to work hard for our busy family and be somewhat compact for our small living space. Here are some of the products that have helped our days run smoothly and comfortably as new parents.


Most Surprising Must-Have

Tummy Time Prop

My partner and I planned on being minimalist parents, so I thought twice about getting this. It is a staple for playtime! I use it every single day and my baby loves it for tummy time. When I was pregnant, I was warned that tummy time may be tear-filled but important for development. This prop made it so fun for everyone and made for some adorable photos!

Now that he is starting to interact a bit with books, but cannot sit up unsupported, I have been placing baby in my lap so his back is supported by me, and then I put the Tummy Time Prop around his belly so the book is elevated enough for him to reach comfortably. Makes for a comfy reading time during his bedtime routine.


Best Support for Paced Feeding and Oversupply Troubles

Anywhere Nursing Support

I don’t live in a huge home like these influencers I often see suggesting huge baby products with a very specific function. I live in a small 2-bedroom in the city. I was drawn to the Anywhere Nursing Support, first for its compact size, and then I fell in love with it as the perfect tool to support my breastfeeding journey. I struggled with an oversupply that led baby to constantly choke and spit up while nursing. My lactation consultant suggested feeding with baby propped more upright. The angle of this support made that easy while I was learning how to position baby and deal with all the issues that come with oversupply.

Also, as we introduced a bottle, the Anywhere Nursing Support was key for my partner to position baby comfortably for paced bottle feeding, which was important for us as I continued nursing as well.


Postpartum Comfort

Pregnancy Support Wedge

When your pelvic floor is weak after birth, your lower back can use a little more support when sitting and nursing…sooo much nursing. I was having tailbone pain when I sat, and the Pregnancy Support Wedge was the perfect little boost of comfort I needed, and it didn’t take much space in my glider.

Added bonus: it is a great knee pad when bathing baby!


Effortlessly Getting Outside

Comfyfit® Adjust Hybrid Baby Carrier

When my baby was born, like many newborns, he wanted to sleep all day and eat all night. A friend recommended getting him fresh air and sunshine daily. The easy-wrap ComfyFit® Adjust Hybrid Baby Carrier made it a quick process where we could bond, stay cozy, and walk with ease. I didn’t have to worry about pulling out my stroller, buckling him in, bundling him up, carrying it downstairs… I just wrapped him in, put on a hat and off we went.

An update on the hot tip from my friend… it totally worked; he is now a dream sleeper!


Diapers…So Many Diapers

Changing Pad Liners - 3 Pack

This product was a two-fer for me, as we decided against getting a changing table. Space was limited and we figured we would just change him wherever on these liners. It was a great call! They wash great, are soft, and having 3 in a pack, means that, if…WHEN… they get dirty, you have a backup. We keep one in the nursery, one in the living room, and one in our diaper bag.

Another awesome use: One day our baby woke up with a diaper rash. No one prepared me for the guilt I felt noticing his rash that morning! I called the pediatrician, and he suggested giving him some naked time until it healed. Not wanting to put a hydrated infant on the rug, I placed him for tummy time on one of these liners. The waterproof backing made it worry-free and super easy to clean up.


Life On the Go

4 & More Multiuse Cover

I wanted to be a mom that confidently nursed in public without a cover. In the beginning, that just wasn’t how I was comfortable, even though I wanted to get there! So, I opted for the Boppy 4 & More Multiuse Cover. It works great as a nursing cover, but when I started to get more comfortable nursing, it still had so many other uses for infant car seats and strollers, shopping carts, high chairs, nursing, and more! I love the versatility and it is one of those products in your diaper bag that can always solve a problem on the go!


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