Brittany breastfeeding on a Boppy pillow.

Real Parents telling Real Stories about Real Boppy Love – Brittany

Stay-at-home mom to Noah (10), Hadleigh (7) and Eilish (7 months)
Lives in Harrison, AR

With three kids of her own and two step-children, Brittany is a busy stay-at-home mom. She’s had her fair share of twists and turns throughout the last 10 years, starting with becoming a mom at 16 to son, Noah. Her daughter, Hadleigh, was born three years later. After marrying her current husband, and gaining two step children, Brittany gave birth to Eilish, now 7 months. She says, “this little girl of ours has blended our family”.

Although motherhood has looked different each time for Brittany, one thing has remained constant. The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow has never left her side. 10 years ago, as a first time mom, Brittany was told she had to have the Boppy Pillow. She used it primarily to help her son sit up. With a lack of support at the time, she didn’t even think breastfeeding was an option for her.

Fast forward three years and the Pillow was once again a staple in her house. Although Brittany still wasn’t breastfeeding, her daughter, Hadleigh, loved to lounge in her Boppy Pillow. Funny enough, Hadleigh, now 7, still uses it today!

As Brittany has evolved as a mom, so has her use for the Boppy Pillow. When she had Eilish, the Pillow was the first thing she ordered. It quickly became more than just a comfy pillow when she tried breastfeeding for the first time. Brittany says a whole new world has been opened up to her since having her youngest daughter. She now feels she has the information and support network she needs to breastfeed. “Those mom groups help a lot,'' she notes.

She credits the Boppy Pillow for helping with her daughter’s latch issues during the early days of breastfeeding. “I don’t feel like I need to prop up 30 pillows,” Brittany says, noting the stability of the Pillow. She is able to relax a bit while she’s breastfeeding. Brittany is grateful that the Boppy Pillow has stuck with her throughout her days as a mom, explaining, “it’s always there for us”!