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Real Parents telling Real Stories about Real Boppy Love – Aaron

Entrepreneurial dad to Aria, 4 months
Lives in Hacienda Heights, CA

Aaron, a gym owner, has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. But when his daughter, Aria, arrived, providing for his family took on a whole new meaning. “She has definitely changed my life for the better in terms of work ethic,” Aaron says. Having Aria in the picture has encouraged him to set goals and think more about the future. It’s not just about him anymore, and Aaron takes pride in knowing he’s building a business to be able to take care of his daughter now and down the road.

Being a young parent has opened Aaron’s eyes to all the decisions that have to be made when caring for a baby. From small choices like deciding which diapers to use to determining whether or not to vaccinate, he’s realized the tough parenting decisions never go away.

But for Aaron, that’s okay. It’s just part of being a new dad and he’s loving the responsibility and fun that comes along with it. He says that each day is just about “figuring it out”. Four months into fatherhood, Aaron can’t believe all the changes he’s seeing in his daughter. She’s discovering something new every day and is starting to become more aware. He loves being a part of it.

Aaron admits he is a busy dad and is lucky to have a lot of help from his girlfriend and family when it comes to raising Aria. One of his must-haves over the last four months, he says, has been the Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier. His family told him about this particular carrier and he decided to give it a shot. And now, as a babywearing fanatic, Aaron won’t go anywhere without it.

Forget the stroller—the convenience of the Boppy Carrier has him using it in and out of the house on a daily basis. During their weekly trips to Target and Costco, Aria rests comfortably next to her daddy’s chest while he has his hands free to shop.

Even at home, Aaron uses the Boppy Carrier while he’s doing chores around the house. Among the many reasons he loves the Boppy Carrier, Aaron says it’s “super secure and not bulky”. He continues on, noting that he’s not embarrassed to wear it. “I know they say real men wear pink but it’s nice not to have a pink colored baby carrier when you’re walking around. It’s nice and sleek and sort of manly, so to say.”

Aaron appreciate’s Boppy’s support of both moms and dads and is looking forward to more moments of bonding with his daughter during this stage of her life.


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