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5 Ways to Improve Sleep While Pregnant

Many moms will tell you, sleep can be one of your biggest challenges while pregnant. Research suggests that physicians should strongly recommend – or even prescribe – 8 hours of bed time each night of your pregnancy to improve perinatal outcomes. By improving sleep comfort through the use of supportive pillows, you can increase sleep quality and quantity throughout your pregnancy.

Sleep Challenges

More than 79% of women reported that their sleep was different during pregnancy than at any other time of their lives. This is not surprising, considering the rapid changes, both hormonal and physical, that occur during pregnancy. In the first trimester the progesterone surge, nausea and vomiting from morning sickness can leave you feeling exhausted.

While hormonal surges may ease a bit in the second trimester, your sleep can be disrupted by fetal movement, back pain, shortness of breath, heartburn and the frequent need to urinate. On top of these physical and emotional factors there are external factors that impact your quality of sleep, as well. Add in stress, anxiety and the need to care for other children, it is no wonder why getting quality sleep is a challenge.

How to get better sleep?

There are a number of ways to help you minimize discomfort and improve sleep quality:

  • Use pregnancy pillows. A pregnancy pillow can be used between your knees, under the abdomen or behind the back to relieve pressure and discomfort.
  • Avoid sleeping on the back. The weight of the uterus can restrict blood flow to the fetus. Most women naturally find this position to be uncomfortable.
  • Lie on the left. Research suggests that the left side is the best side for comfort, reducing heartburn symptoms, improving blood flow, and reducing nasal congestion that can lead to snoring. 
  • Maintain a sleep routine. Regularly go to bed and wake at the same time.
  • Stay active. Regular physical activity can prevent excess weight gain and promote better quality sleep.

Boppy® Pregnancy Pillows

Our collection of pregnancy pillows will allow you to get comfortable and find that perfect position to help improve sleep. Check out our line of pregnancy pillows and how they are helping moms find real comfort!

Boppy® Pregnancy Wedge

Keep it in your bed or carry in your purse! This firm, versatile pregnancy cushion supports your back, bump or knees. The compact and portable design allows for you to easily change positions while sleeping, sitting or lounging!

Women using the pregnancy wedge

Boppy® Cuddle Pillow

Just the right size—not too big, not too small. Provides support for your hips, legs and bump without taking over the bed. Use while sitting in a chair, on the couch or lounging in bed.

Woman using pregnancy support pillow

Boppy® Side Sleeper Pillow

2-in-1 back AND belly support! Nestle between the two connected pillows to support your bump and back at the same time. The unique design supports and promotes doctor recommended side-sleeping. It is not just for sleeping – it can also be used for side support while sitting and traveling!

Side Sleeper Pillow

Boppy® Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow

Offering head-to-toe support! Cuddle with this contoured pillow to support your head, neck, back, hips and bump with just one pillow. This one-piece full body pillow can be used in multiple ways to help make you more comfortable as you move through your pregnancy.

Woman using Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow

All Boppy® Pregnancy Pillows come with removable slipcovers that are machine washable.

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