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What Your Partner Should Bring to the Hospital

Your baby is due any day now. Perhaps you have that hospital bag packed and ready to go. As you go to the hospital to give birth, your partner or significant other is going to need some essential items too. Just as you’re getting prepped ahead of time for the hospital, so should your partner.  In addition to remembering essential items to bring, there are a few extra preparations your significant other should consider, especially if he or she plans on driving you there. Feel free to start making a checklist as we go over what your partner won’t want to forget.

Your Partner’s Packing List

Your significant other should come prepared for his or her visit to turn into an overnight stay. Packing a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap is a great idea to have on hand to feel refreshed. Also remember any eyecare such as contacts, contact solution or glasses if needed. Just like packing for a short trip, include a change of clothing, clean underwear and socks. Partners should think about the type of clothing they’re bringing to the hospital with them. They should consider a comfortable outfit and an extra sweatshirt, sweater or jacket for that drafty hospital room. Comfortable shoes are also a must as your significant other will be on his or her feet more than you will from the delivery, walking baby back and forth after birth and bringing what you need to your bedside.

Here are some other essentials your partner can pack:

  • ID and insurance card of mom-to-be to help fill out hospital paperwork – who wants to fill out paperwork while in labor?
  • Phone/tablet charger 
  • Phone/tablet, or another electronic device to capture baby’s first moments
  • His/her own pillow and blanket, to stay cozy if spending the night
  • Money – easy to use in the cafeteria, vending machines and for parking garages if needed
  • Snacks and water bottle – For when you want to forego hospital and vending machine options
  • Birth plan (if using one)
  • File folder – to easily hold any paperwork or pamphlets you’re given to take home
  • Any books, magazines, or other reading material during downtime

    Other Items Your Partner Can Prepare

    In addition to packing his or her bag, here are some other ideas your significant other can assist with that helps you both get ready for the big day. 

    Keep the Gas Tank Full 

    The last thing you want to do on the way to the hospital in labor is stop for gas! Depending upon which vehicle you’re going to use on delivery day, make sure it has a sufficient amount of gas to get there … and return home with baby, just to make both your lives a bit easier. 

    Know the Route to the Hospital

    In the age of Google maps, it’s still important to know where you’re going. Is the hospital located in a part of town known for bad traffic? Even if you’re familiar with its location, which entrance should you use? Bigger hospitals often have multiple entrances and buildings. Take the stress out of not knowing where to go and plan a trip to the hospital in advance.

    Don’t Forget the Car Seat

    New parents absolutely cannot take baby home without this! If your infant car seat contains a base with an infant carrier, think about installing the base ahead of time and add the carrier to your significant other’s checklist to keep track of. 


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