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What’s in My Diaper Bag:

How to pack the perfect diaper bag for ease on the go

We asked mama of two, baby-product whiz, and Boppy eCommerce Marketing Manager, Virginia, to give us her diaper bag must-haves for parent’s first babies so you can pack up your diaper bag like a pro. There were some classics and some surprises on the list that got us excited!


Obviously. It is the name of the game, but the biggest tip here is to always remember to refill your bag as you use them. After you come home, or before you head out, be sure to do a quick check that you have enough. We suggest taking a minimum of 4 no matter how long you are out, because babies do a few things well… look cute and poop.


You will use wipes for everything—diaper changes, cleaning surfaces before and after baby uses them, wiping up spit up and mishaps on you and baby, and even quickly cooling off surfaces that are in the sun. Always have wipes!

Diaper Cream

You don’t need to go crazy here. Opt for a travel size option to save on space. You can also use ointment to create a barrier to help prevent diaper rash.

Changing pad liners

Your diaper bag or changing clutch may come with one, but if not, toss in a wipeable changing pad. You never know where you will need to change your baby and having a clean, wipeable surface will lower the stress.

Roll of dog bags for dirty diapers

This one made us ooh and awe. There will be times where you will need to toss out a stinky diaper in a trashcan where the smell will affect others. This easy hack will help contain odors. It is also a great way to contain wet clothes until you get home or trash until you can find a place to toss it.

4 & More Cover

Bringing versatile products is key from keeping your diaper bag smaller than a suitcase. The Boppy 4 & More Multi-use Cover acts as a cover for nursing, infant car seats, infant strollers, high chairs, shopping carts, and even carriers. This specific product offers 2 different fabric sides so you can choose UPF 50+ knit or a breathable mesh side so you have even more choices on the go.


Keeping a pacifier in a resealable bag will also keep it cleaner while out and about.

Change of clothes for you and baby

This is extra important on longer trips, but even on a quick outing, you or baby can get messy. From a poop explosion to a spit up on your shirt, it is nice to have a change of clothing for both you and baby because everyone is happier when we are comfortable. Note: don’t forget extra socks.

Toys (teething toys, lovie, crinkle book/Normal book, Rattle)

If you are going somewhere where baby may get bored or need some stimulation (or distraction) a couple toys or teethers are great to have on hand. Depending on baby’s age, their attention span will change so a couple toys options will be helpful while out.

Bottle Cooler - Ice Pack

Don’t forget about breastmilk and formula safety while out and about! Freshly expressed breastmilk can sit out at room temperature for 4 hours. A small cooler and ice pack will keep your bottles chilled on the run.

Portable Bottle Warmer

Babies come with all different opinions and preferences! If your bundle-of-joy fusses over cold milk, a portable bottle warmer will make feeding on the go a breeze. Just remember to start warming before baby gets too hungry!

Burp Cloths

Pack a burp cloth or two for when baby spits up. These are also great for wiping up spills.

Hand Sanitizer

Just in case you cannot wash your hands after a diaper change or feeding.


Sometimes with a new baby we forget to think of ourselves, but we cannot take care of our baby without taking care of ourselves too. Don’t forget to bring the basic things you need!


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