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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate an Expecting Mom

Celebrating Mother’s Day with an expecting mom is probably something you haven’t thought much about. We think of Mother’s Day with kids, but even though you may not be holding baby in your arms, that mama is working hard and deserves to be celebrated!

Before we jump into the list, there are a few unique things to think about before planning your Mother’s Day celebration:

  1. How does the expecting mom feel? With morning sickness, tiredness, and aches, maybe a fancy night out isn’t in the cards. Maybe she is too tired to have visitors, or maybe her back is hurting too much to be at a restaurant today. The expecting mom in your life is going through a lot of changes and thinking about how she is physically feeling is crucial to giving her an enjoyable day.

  2. Are there any medical restraints? These can be big or small. Some women are on bedrest while others may get a little lightheaded on long walks. Some may be on special diets. Make sure to respect the plans made by her and her doctor. And if you don’t know, maybe surprises are not the way and you can run the plan by the mom-to-be.

  3. Where are her emotions and anxieties? Hormones can really affect how an expecting mom feels and she may be worrying about a lot. Maybe celebrating the baby before she delivers gives her anxiety. She may feel overwhelmed and adding something big will stress her out. In that case, opting for a smaller celebration is better… remember this day is for her so read the situation. Even if she loved big trips before she was pregnant may not mean she wants that now, and someone who didn’t want you to make a fuss may want a parade in her honor…Read the room!

OK! Now, that that is out of the way…

Here are our top 5 favorite ways to celebrate an expecting mom for Mother’s Day!

  1. Lay Down Day

For the tired pregnant woman who has a lot going on, the greatest gift may be doing nothing. Get her favorite snacks, get some flowers to put on the coffee table and let her watch all of her favorite dumb shows while you take care of some of the errands that are on her mind. Does she need to return those maternity pants that don’t fit? Not anymore because you already did it! With so much newness and a changing body, sometimes adding a celebration can feel like more things on your to-do list and a little time to relax could be the best gift of all! Pair this gift with a sweet letter to her or a letter to your future baby about how excited you are to grow together for a bonus.

  1. Brunch With Friends

For the social butterfly that is feeling like she never sees her friends anymore, planning a prego-friendly outing with her girls may be a dream come true. When all of your friends are hitting the bar on the weekend and you are in bed by 9pm, you can start to feel isolated. Let her know how loved she is and show her how great her community is for her growing family with a great brunch either out or in the house, depending on how she’s feeling.

  1. Spa Day

Sometimes laying on the sofa isn’t enough, and an expecting mom needs professional relaxation. Book your mom-to-be a pregnancy-friendly spa day! Make sure the treatments are allowed based on her health and stage in her pregnancy. The spa can also help guide you for appropriate services and products.

  1. Getaway Trip

For the expecting mom who is feeling good, a getaway may be the perfect thing to make her feel super special. Get away from the stress of life and all the new to-dos and just enjoy herself. This can be a hotel night in the place you live all the way to an international vacation. If you are traveling, just make sure you give her time to plan doctor’s appointments and make sure there are no travel restrictions with her pregnancy.

  1. Maternity Shoot

When pregnant, our body is doing amazing things. Your mom-to-be may already see that and want to capture it, or she may be feeling gross and not like herself and someone who can show her how beautiful this moment is can be a great gift. Although being pregnant feels long when you are in it, it is such a short time of the parenthood experience and this may be a great way to capture a special point in time.


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