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Real Parents telling Real Stories about Real Boppy Love – Dayna

Working mom to Grant, 7 months
Lives in Cincinnati, OH

Dayna and her husband, Josh, waited a long time for their family to grow. Grant, now seven months, made Dayna a proud mom in the summer of 2018 and life has changed “pretty dramatically” since. As someone who never spent a lot of time around babies, Dayna was surprised how easily her natural instincts kicked in when it came to taking care of Grant. “For as much anxiety and fear as there is, you get this calm that comes over you and just know what decisions to make,” Dayna says.

As for all those books, classes, and hours of advice you get from friends and family—Dayna says there’s really no master playbook. “Everyone shares their own experiences with you about what motherhood is like for them, but you really don’t know until you’re experiencing it for yourself.” Having her own shot at being a mom has helped her really enjoy the little moments she has with Grant and be present as much as possible when she’s with him. As a working mom, Dayna doesn’t take those moments for granted and appreciates all the milestones that come along in the first year.

While Dayna can’t get enough time with Grant, she isn’t shy to admit that she’ll take help when she needs it (even if it’s from a comfy, fluffy pillow). No, she’s not referring to her own pillow, but the simple, donut-shaped pillow she’s used for the last seven months to feed and cuddle with her son. From the time Grant came home, the Boppy Pillow from The Boppy Company has been a part of Dayna and her family’s everyday routine.

She was told by several friends that the Boppy Pillow and ComfyHug® Hybrid Newborn Baby Carrier were both must haves and were both easy choices in the overwhelming baby registry process. Dayna quickly understood why everyone was raving about them. “You don’t realize how heavy a baby is,” she says. “Sometimes on those days when I’m off work, I don’t want to put Grant down. The Boppy Pillow gives me the extra support to cuddle with him comfortably.”

Most moms are being pulled in several directions, so finding ways to make parenting easier and less stressful is important. Dayna agrees, which is why she says having the Boppy Pillow should be a “no-brainer” for every new mom. She also notes that it’s the only product she’s used consistently over the last seven months.

As Grant continues to grow and change, Dayna is looking forward to the next set of adventures (and hoping she starts getting a little more sleep).



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