Mom kissing newborn in ComfyHug Carrier

Newborn Essentials

There are billions of baby products out there, and they all want to find their way into your home. To keep your house from being completely taken over by baby stuff, look for versatility. Newborns are only newborns for a short while and it goes by super fast. When possible, purchase products that can grow with baby to ensure ease, durability, and a tidy home. Here are some newborn must-haves that will grow with baby and actually make your life easier.


Nursing pillow

You’ll be feeding baby…a lot! Newborns eat at least 8 times a day. Holding a newborn baby is awkward, hard on your back, and tiring for your arms. A nursing pillow alleviates all of those issues! As baby grows, your body will be changing also. The Boppy Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow works with all body types and will continue to be comfortable and functional as your and baby’s body grow and change. It can also adapt to whoever is feeding baby at the time and the different positions that fit baby best.

 The Boppy Anywhere Pillow is another great option, especially if you want to remain active after baby arrives. There are so many different configurations and uses with the Boppy Anywhere Pillow and when you get home, you can just toss it in the wash! When you’re ready to hit the town with baby, it folds up small to fit in the diaper bag.

Infant Support

It will take a while for baby to be able to support themselves while sitting. To make it easier and to accelerate development, infant support products can help their muscles grow in the appropriate ways. The Boppy Original Support for Feeding and Milestones is super versatile! You can use it as a nursing pillow, then as baby grows, it can help support them while they play and learn to control their little bodies. Look for products with just enough support to lead baby to actually use their muscles instead of relying on the support product. We need activated muscles to aid in development!

 The Boppy Original Support for Feeding and Milestones can be used as a prop while you’re engaging with them face-to-face to encourage brain development. To help build the muscles they need in order to sit up and walk on their own, tummy time is crucial! Some babies don’t like tummy time very much because it’s a lot of work holding up their heavy heads. Propping something under their chests makes it easier and makes them feel more successful. When they feel less strained, they can enjoy it a little more and for a little longer. The Boppy Original Support for Feeding and Milestones can be a prop to make tummy time more enjoyable and effective. Once they’re strong enough to start sitting, it can support them while they play to give your hands a rest and create a safer spot to land when they inevitably fall over. It will continue to serve them as they grow. My older kids love them as gaming pillows all these years later!

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must-have item for busy families. Holding a baby when you have other things that need to be done can be really exhausting both physically and mentally. Enter baby carrier! A baby carrier encourages bonding while keeping your hands free. It’s the best of both worlds. A baby carrier is not just for when you’re leaving the house, either. It’s great for when you’re at home doing chores or even resting.
When newborns are held, their heart and breathing rates are regulated, they have lowered stress levels, they sleep better, and cry less. The Boppy Comfy Hug is one of the only carriers approved for safe use in babies 5lbs. and up! That means even if you had a preemie, the Boppy Comfy Hug has your back. It’s safe to use all the way up to 20 lbs. and adapts to fit your changing body, too. Skin-to-skin contact and babywearing is an important tool to soothe baby and promote bonding with caregivers in their lives. It can also help to improve cases of postpartum depression. The Boppy Comfy Hug is soft enough to use during skin-to-skin bonding creating a comfortable experience for both you and baby.


You always hear a lot about baby-proofing your home before baby arrives. While this is an important step in creating a safe space for baby to explore, they won’t be exploring for a while after they’re born. When newborn safety is in mind, locks and covering corners don’t enter the equation, yet. Keeping them safe from unwanted touching from strangers and sunburns while out and about is a huge concern, especially in this day and age. Yes. Some people will want to touch your baby, even if you don’t know them. No doubt out of the kindness of their heart and because your baby is just too adorable, but it is always your choice. 
The Boppy 4 & More Cover has your needs covered. You can cover the car seat, infant stroller or baby carrier to protect from the weather or unwanted touches. It protects from sun and strong wind while still allowing baby to see the sights and maintain adequate air-flow. As baby grows, distractions grow, also. The Boppy 4 & More Cover can be configured so baby can’t see out, giving them a peaceful space to get some rest while you’re on the go. It can also be used as a nursing cover to maintain modesty (if that’s important to you) and remove unwanted distractions while feeding. 
Jodie Kranz