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Make a Baby Registry Like a Pro

Registering for baby gifts is an exciting experience but with so many products to choose from, the process can get overwhelming. You might have friends and family who give their own detailed input on which brands to trust or what they wished they would have registered for, but you still want to do your own research. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you build your baby registry. 

Register for a Variety of Big and Small-Ticket Items

When it comes to baby gift spending, everyone has their own preferences. Some would rather purchase small gifts such as pacifiers or swaddle blankets. Others like the idea of pooling their money together as a group to purchase one of the bigger items on your list such as a stroller or car seat. As you start wishlisting your baby must-haves, remember that you don’t have to register for everything. Still unsure of which breast pump fits your needs? Hold off putting it on the list. There’s still time to order or pick up many of your baby necessities. With showers in general, you never know what gifts you’ll receive. You might end up with money and gift cards in lieu of wrapped presents, or you might open up nothing but baby outfits. 

Register for Items Online and In-Store

Shopping online might be your norm for purchasing everyday goods, but it can be difficult to get a feel for some items without seeing them in person such as a stroller, diaper bag or car seat. Even if you decide your dream stroller is cheaper to register for online, still make a visit to see one in person and know you’re truly happy with the model. Another benefit of registering for items available in-store is the convenience for your baby shower guests that aren’t from the internet generation. If you have older family members attending, they might not feel as comfortable with online purchases as you are. This gives them the opportunity to shop at ease.

Plan for the Long-Term

As you think about the immediate newborn items you’ll need, consider registering for things he’ll grow into within a few months. When you register for clothing for example, add some bigger sizes to your list. The 0 to 3 month size might not even fit him come month two depending upon how fast he grows. If you live in a climate where the weather changes with the seasons, think ahead to what he’ll be wearing next. Will he need a warm winter jacket, hat and mittens? What about clothing for hot summer days? Also think ahead with the big-ticket items. A high chair is something you won’t need right away, but soon enough, he’ll graduate from full-time nursing to eating baby food. Don’t be afraid to register for gifts you know he’ll use later on. 

Register for Items that Make Your Life Easier

Have the following question in the back of your mind as you’re researching baby products: What items would you like to have on hand to make your parenting job easier? Whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle feed, a nursing pillow provides you with extra comfort and support for those around-the-clock feedings. Perhaps you and your partner plan to resume your on-the-go lifestyle after he’s born? If so, register for a baby carrier and any other items that will help you transition to a busy family life. Those who take long distance trips frequently might want to put baby travel items on this list. 

It’s Okay to Be Practical

Baby toys, blankets and clothes remain popular gift ideas, but think outside the box. Some parents like the idea of including nursery decor on their registries if the room isn’t finished. If you worry about the cost of diapers, add them to the registry. Other practical gifts include wipes, bibs and burp cloths. For the practical parents-to-be, they’re far more useful than receiving several stuffed animals or rattles. If you’re truly looking to get creative, think about registering for a meal subscription or a cleaning service. You might have friends and family to help in the beginning who want to come and visit the new baby, but imagine having this dependable assistance for the months to come. A gift like this could become the hero of your registry. Some would rather purchase small gifts such as pacifiers or swaddle blankets or nursing covers.


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