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How to Entertain Baby While Shopping

Whether you need to run to the grocery store or run errands at the mall, your baby will take short trips with you in no time. Get organized first with an itemized store list. You’ll also want to pack a light diaper bag with some essentials for him such as a few diapers and burp cloth in case of emergencies and a pacifier to keep him soothed. You can also let him nap, feed and change him in advance so you’re not stressing about his routine as you shop. The one thing you can’t prepare for as a parent is his fussy mood mid-aisle. When his pacifier just won’t do, here are some other ways you can transform a shopping trip into a fun activity for him.


Pack His Favorite Toys

Whether he has a favorite stuffed animal, or he’s mesmerized by colorful rattles or rings, think about tethering some toys to the cart or car seat carrier.  The familiar sight of things to grab makes for a great distraction. Having them tethered to his seating makes sure no toys drop on any store floors or get lost. 


Use a Shopping Cart Cover for Comfort

As an alternative to keeping track of his toys, use a shopping cart cover with ones pre-attached. It’s a time-saver for you and choosing a cover with sufficient padding keeps him comfortable. When you elevate his comfort level, he’s more likely to stay distracted by his surroundings and remain happy as you shop. Another benefit to using this type of cover is shielding him from germs. A shopping cart cover can be used out and about other places as well. Do you plan to stop and eat at a restaurant or food court along your trip? Use it to keep him calm and entertain him in that hard, wooden high chair.


Bring a Baby Carrier

Your baby carrier is an additional way to transport him through stores that doesn’t require a cart or a stroller. Because his personal comfort is key, your closeness can help keep him calm in a public environment that can overstimulate his senses with new lighting, sounds and people. If baby wearing makes for happy shopping excursions, keep his safety in mind. Avoid lifting large, heavy items and handle products on tall shelves with care as you don’t want to risk items falling on him.


Be His Source of Entertainment

Sometimes mom is all he needs in order to stay entertained. You might find that your interaction with him avoids fussy moods. Don’t just ignore him as you make your way through aisles or departments, turn your shopping trip into a fun activity by singing, making funny faces and pointing out colorful displays and different foods. You could even let him touch and feel a few items as you place them into the cart if you’ve been introducing him to different shapes and textures.


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