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Fun Things to Do Before You’re Due

Don’t let those third trimester blues get you down. You might be feeling overwhelmed with a longer and longer task list of things to get ready at the same time you’re asking yourself, “Can I get any bigger?” Think positive and look past your many to-do’s, aches and pains, fatigue and many trips to the bathroom. This is your one last hurrah before your life changes forever. Here are some fun activities you can plan to do before your due date.

Turn Your Meal Prepping into a Party

Those first few weeks at home with a newborn will leave little to no time for cooking. As an alternative to relying on others to bring you meals, invite some friends and family to a meal making party. With extra help in the kitchen, you can stock your freezer with meals that will be ready to go once the baby arrives. Choose recipes to make meals that will easily warm up in the microwave or oven such as lasagna, mac and cheese or casseroles. For meals that feel more freshly prepared, think about packaging ingredients together to throw in your crockpot. 

Start Designing Baby’s Birth Announcement

Get your creative juices going and get a head start on planning baby’s birth announcement. On those days during your third trimester when bed rest is best, you can pick out a design, have a template ready to go for future baby pictures or simply browse Pinterest for ideas. Use the time you have before the baby is born to pick out this memorable keepsake.

Plan a Date Night In

Enjoy some quality time with your partner and plan a date night in! Have a cook-off in the kitchen, take dance lessons in the living room, or play a board game together! Browse Pinterest for more ideas! Spend one-on-one time as a couple before the two of you become three. 

Practice Your Favorite Form of Self-Care

Once you’re caring for your baby, your self-care rituals become limited. Plan a at home spa day! Do your nails, indulge in some online retail therapy. Meditate or curl up with a good book if it’s your favorite way to spend “me” time. Whatever your self-care ritual may be, take the opportunity now to give yourself some love.



Pick out Baby’s Going Home Outfit

Taking your baby home from the hospital is the first big milestone after birth. Have some fun picking out that special outfit. Choose weather appropriate clothing and make sure the outfit is car seat friendly. Some other tips include pre-washing the outfit and looking for clothing that will be easy to put on baby.


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