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Boppy Mom Favorites: With Our Busy Mom of 2 Under 4, Virginia

When a Boppy employee has a baby, we always check in about what Boppy products work best for them and their lifestyle. We are sharing that with you to help you in navigating all the product options out there. Read on to learn about Virginia, a busy mom of two!


What is your parenting style?

My lifestyle is a busy one! We have two kids under 4, a girl and a boy, and a sweet family pup, a miniature Bernedoodle. I am a full-time working mom on a hybrid remote-office schedule. The past year has been our first time juggling multiple school and child-care schedules (and lots of sick days!), as well as a growing list of extra-curricular activities for the babes. We live in a moderately high-density urban area with walkable options for parks, restaurants, and other young families. 


What are Your Favorite Boppy Products?

Best travel must-have during pregnancy is the wedge.

It is the perfect size to throw in a carry-on tote and makes a long flight in an uncomfortable seat so much more manageable. I think I used mine on 4-5 flights during my second pregnancy. I tell everyone I know about this now. I have repurposed this into a back support at my desk chair, both at home and the office.


Best for parents of multiples – Any Boppy C-shape Nursing Support.

We used this from day one to help my older daughter hold and bond with our new baby boy when we came home from the hospital. My husband and I felt more comfortable being less worried about how she was holding him and it helped my her feel included in all the new changes happening at the house. As a bonus, since we have several spare covers on hand, she loved to pick which print her new brother was going to enjoy most each time we switched it up!


Best thing we didn’t know we needed – Changing Pad Liners

Oh my, these have so many uses! We have used them for travel and quick clean ups many times. However, my favorite use is keeping it on the changing pad at home to provide a cozy barrier between my baby and the pad. Some of the more modern changing pads are much firmer and colder than the traditional ones and using these liners help keep him calm on a softer surface.


Best product for infant bonding – ComfyHug Baby Carrier

This carrier was a game changer for the early days with my son. I had a wrap style carrier with my firstborn and never felt secure or comfortable, whether I was at home or on the go. So, I didn’t ever wear her until she was old enough for a structured carrier. My youngest and I got the snuggly-carrier-bonding experience right away because the ComfyHug could hold him even as a newborn. I always felt completely confident that he was safe thanks to all the hybrid features the carrier offers. 


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