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9 Maternity Must-Haves for Every Month

Pregnancy is exciting, hard, beautiful, scary and makes us stronger than we thought we could ever be. Boppy wants to be there to support you from when you are feeling fierce to feeling like, “uh…how do I do this?” There are so many products out there, that it can be tough to know what’s really necessary during your pregnancy. Here is our list of 9 must-have items for every month of pregnancy.

1. A Nursing Pillow

Make sure you grab a nursing pillow in time to take to the hospital with you. It is ideal to bring your nursing pillow from home to practice with. Learning to nurse can be difficult, especially after a c-section. A nursing pillow can help provide ergonomic support while you and baby are getting the hang of it. Choose from a wide variety of fashions and colors meant to complement your baby’s gender or specific nursery theme. 

Shop Nursing Pillows Here.

2. A Belly Bottle

When you are pregnant, you need more water than the average person. Proper hydration during pregnancy reduces the pains of pregnancy and improves the baby’s health. Keep hydration easy and fun with a water bottle that keeps you on track. BellyBottle helps you drink hourly with intuitive time markers, while on the other side of the bottle, you can record how far along you are in your pregnancy with fun fruit-shaped milestone stickers.

Shop the Belly Bottle Here.

3. Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

During pregnancy your skin can be particularly sensitive and prone to melasma, burning, and heat rush, so it is important to upkeep your daily sun protection routine with a pregnancy-safe option or add it to your skin-care checklist if you haven’t already. EltaMD UV Daily is a great pregnancy-safe product for your face, offering a weightless, colorless, fragrance and paraben-free option for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Sun Bum Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion is the perfect option for full body coverage, giving you an environmentally friendly, vegan option for your increasingly sensitive skin. 

Shop Face Sunscreen Here.

Shop Full-Body Coverage Sunscreen Here.

4. Pregnancy Pillow

Find that perfect position so you can sleep through the night and relax comfortably during the day. From pin-point to total body support, pregnancy pillows come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Choosing a pregnancy pillow is not a one-size-fits-all scenario – do what’s right for you!

Shop Pregnancy Pillows Here.

 5. A Go-To Maternity Outfit

Feeling confident and comfortable during your pregnancy is important, but buying clothes that can only be worn for 9 months can seem like an unnecessary expense, especially with all of the other costs that are assumed while preparing for baby’s arrival. Luckily brands like Pink Blush Maternity have on-trend maternity clothing for nine months and beyond. For MOMents as niche as gender reveal parties, to everyday wear, and everything else in between, Pink Blush Maternity has outfits for every occasion and every body type. Just look for the post-bump tag on their maternity clothes for styles that will also flatter postpartum. 

Shop Maternity Outfits Here.

6. Stretch Mark Cream

Made with vitamin E, collagen, elastin, argon oil, and shea butter, this cream moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and quickly reducing the look of stretch marks – if you feel necessary. Free of parabens and scent allergies, this cream remains a tested and true pregnancy-safe option.

Shop Palmer’s Stretch Mark Cream Here.

 7. Supportive Shoes

Pregnancy is a transformative time, on an emotional and physical level. As your baby bump grows, your feet can widen and swell. Choosing the right footwear for each occasion can make for a lot more of a comfortable and supportive pregnancy experience for both your feet and back.

Shop Birkenstock Here.

Shop New Balance Here.

Shop Hoka Here.

Shop UGG Here.

8. Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are the sure-fire way to make sure baby isn’t missing out on any essential nutrients. Companies like Ritual offer both pre and post-natal multivitamin options that are straightforward, clean, vegan, non-GMO, gluten and major-allergen-free, with no artificial colorants. These products are science-backed, third-party tested, and designed with key nutrients to help meet heightened nutrient demands. Subscribers get free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Always consult your doctor to know which vitamins are best for your pregnancy.

Shop Prenatal Vitamins Here.

9. Bio-Oil

Now is the time for your self-care era! When it comes to pregnancy stretch marks, this body oil is known to be a crowd favorite. Apply after the baby arrives to start reducing the look of your stretch marks. 

Shop Bio-Oil Here.


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