Boppy® Prenatal Pillows

Can’t seem to get comfortable? Find that perfect position so you can sleep through the night with Boppy Pregnancy Pillows. Our multi-use pillows give custom comfort adjusting to your growing baby bump during your pregnancy. Get relief for your back and belly from the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, or experience total body support with the Boppy One-Piece Pregnancy Pillow. Embrace unconditional support for your body and baby

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Total Body PillowSupport PillowSide Sleeper PillowPregnancy Wedge


Head, Shoulders, Baby Bump, Legs and Ankles

Why this Pillow?

This product is the solution to all of your needs. The unique contoured shape and filling creates the right support in the right places. It is also great for getting comfortable while sitting or lounging.



Head and Shoulder, Baby Bump and Shoulders, Baby Bump and Legs, or Back and Legs

Why this Pillow?

The perfect size to help double up on support. The bonus is you get to use your own head pillow.



Back and Baby Bump

Why this Pillow?

Best for a current supine (back) sleeper. This product will help remind you to stay on your side throughout the night. The stretch panel grows with your baby bump and helps keep both pillows in place throughout the night.



Knees, Back or Baby Bump

Why this Pillow?

This product will get you comfortable in just the right places. Great compact design for travel.


Find that perfect position so you can sleep through the night.

“I have tried many types and brands of prenatal pillows. The Boppy® Prenatal Collection, in my opinion, is of superior comfort and quality. There is a pillow in the Boppy® Prenatal Collection to help support most of the common physical pregnancy needs. I would recommend these products without reservation to my patients, family and friends.”

– Eboni S. Hollier, MD, FAAP (Mommy MD)

MommyMG Guides Recommended Product

How to get better sleep?


Grab those Zzz’s! Good sleep is an essential component to health and well-being. It consumes one third of human existence; unhealthy sleep can severely impair the other two-thirds.2

  • Lie on the left. Research suggests that the left side is the best side for comfort, reducing heartburn symptoms, improving blood flow, and reducing nasal congestion that can lead to snoring.3
  • Use pregnancy pillows. A pregnancy pillow can be used between your knees, under your abdomen or behind your back to relieve pressure and discomfort.4
  • Maintain a sleep routine. Regularly go to bed and wake at the same time. 4
  • Stay active. Regular physical activity can prevent excess weight gain and promote better quality sleep. 4
You do not need to be concerned if you are already noticing a change in your sleep patterns. More than 79% of women reported that their sleep was different during pregnancy than at any other time of their lives.1