Where to Buy Boppy® Products

Boppy Products are available at these retailers. If you can’t find a product locally, you can purchase all of our products here on our website.

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from The Boppy Company

Warranty Does Not Cover Sales from Unauthorized Sellers

We are aware of Boppy® branded Products being sold online by unauthorized sellers that do not purchase their products directly from Boppy.

We are recommending consumers purchase Boppy® Products only through authorized distributors and retailers.  When you buy from The Boppy Company directly, or from one of our authorized sellers, you can be sure that the products have been kept factory-sealed and are safe for use.  That is why Boppy Products purchased through authorized distribution and retail channels come with the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Products purchased from Unauthorized Sellers are NOT eligible for protection under the manufacturer’s warranty.

To confirm if a store is an authorized dealer of Boppy® products, click here.