The People Behind the Pillows

Meet the fun, hard-working Boppy team!

Teresa Mead
Director of Quality and Compliance
18th Annual Boppy-versary

Fun fact... I just don't have an idea what that could be.

Rachel Drummond
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant
4th Annual Boppy-versary

My happily ever after will be on a sailboat.

Creative Director
12th Annual Boppy-versary

I don't care for Mimi's pencil sketches.

Paola Merlo
Business Development Manager
6th Annual Boppy-versary

I live and work in Italy!

Pam Shepherd
Chief Financial Officer
5th Annual Boppy-versary

If I was stranded on a desert island (where water was abundant) and could only have 2 foods to eat, I would choose peanut butter and avocados.

Nancy Bartley
Head Girl. Den Mother. Chief Mom.
20th Annual Boppy-versary

I am an enthusiastic summer BBQ game player - croquet, beersbee, bocce ball, etc...

Mimi Wogtech
Marketing Manager
7th Annual Boppy-versary

I have an abnormal passion for classic rock and fake mustaches.

Lindsay Klein
Sales Account Manager
8th Annual Boppy-versary

I'm slightly obsessed with Michael Franti. OK... really obsessed.

Li Ma
Sourcing Manager
8th Annual Boppy-versary

No fun person. (note: rest of the staff disagree)

Jessica Doyle
Demand Planning Manager
9th Annual Boppy-versary

I visited 9 countries in 1 year. In total I have traveled to 15 countries!

Haley Gibbons
Product Design & Development
9th Annual Boppy-versary

I collect taxidermy.

Dawn Kennedy
14th Annual Boppy-versary

Growing up, my dream job was to be a back-up dancer.

Clarice Bonzer
Chief Creative Officer
24th Annual Boppy-versary

I'm always 'out-cute-ing' everyone in the office.

Cindi Rapp
Project Manager & Legal Liaison
14th Annual Boppy-versary

I make jewelry in my spare time and have at least 50,000 beads in my collection.

Chandra Bennetts
AP - Operations Specialist
9th Annual Boppy-versary

I am a small town girl at heart. I love the snow – and snowboarding of course.

Cathy McNeil
Senior Designer
21st Annual Boppy-versary

I blacksmith with my husband.

Boppy Pillow
Flagship Product, Mascot, Friend
30th Annual Boppy-versary

Beloved by over 15 million moms worldwide!

Beth Jarabek
Director of Sales
6th Annual Boppy-versary

I have a phobia of glitter and monkeys.

Amy St. Germain
Senior National Account Manager
11th Annual Boppy-versary

I am a pro at taking a walk with a 6-year old, two toddlers, a double stroller and a 100 pound dog, while eating popsicles. We call it 'Pop & Walk.'

Amanda Krusoe
Account Manager
7th Annual Boppy-versary

Birthdays are my favorite - I was adopted and arrived from Vietnam on my Dad's 37th birthday

Jessica Gladstone
Textile & Graphic Designer
2nd Annual Boppy-versary

“I smolder for Mulder”

Julia Larrabee
Product Development Manager
2nd Annual Boppy-versary

I am the European champion in parallel parking.

Marraine Johnson
Accounts Receivable Specialist
2nd Annual Boppy-versary

I’m a leap year baby – born in 1992. Forever young.

Kassidy Foster
Marketing Coordinator
2nd Annual Boppy-versary

Puzzles are my absolute favorite. Boring but perfect.

Carly Jennings
Marketing Communications Manager
1st Annual Boppy-versary

Cheese lover whose mom’s maiden name is ironically Munster.

Valentina Porro
International Business Development Coordinator
1st Annual Boppy-versary

I live and work in Italy!

Jamie Brendle
Healthcare Account Manager
1st Annual Boppy-versary

I co-drive for an off-road racing team. If you aint first, you're last!

Debbie Snider
Director of Business Insights
1st Annual Boppy-versary

Born in Alaska, raised in California, living in Colorado.