Product Instruction

Boppy® Feeding & Infant Support Pillow


Instructions for the Boppy Feeding & Infant Support Pillow


  • Wrap the Boppy® Pillow around your waist for ergonomic positioning and comfortable feedings. (Seriously, give those arms a rest!)
  • It’s all washable. You can cheer. We’ll understand.

Boppy® Baby Chair

Boppy baby chair

Instructions for the Boppy® Baby Chair

  • The new Boppy® Baby Chair is designed for use from 3 months to 1 year, and as either a floor seat or booster seat.
  • When using as booster seat with adult chair, secure booster to adult chair using strap for chair back, clicking buckle together and tightening the strap. Repeat for bottom.
  • Secure child to chair using the 3-point safety harness. Pull to tighten restraint and push to loosen. Harness should fit snugly.
  • Attach the tray to the chair by pulling tab and sliding tray into grooves. Tap or push tab into place. Remove the tray by pulling tab and sliding gently out of grooves.
  • To open chair, hold the horn of chair and pull top tab until it clicks. To collapse, pull long strap on bottom while pushing on middle of the back of the chair.
  • Full product instructions can be found HERE.
  • Register your Boppy Baby Chair HERE.

Boppy® Best Latch™ Nursing Pillow

Kensington Gray Best Latch Pillow

Instructions for the Boppy® Best Latch™ Nursing Pillow

  • The Boppy® Two-Sided Nursing Pillow was designed with a lactation consultant specifically for breastfeeding.
  • Two distinct feeding surfaces means you can choose the support you need: the firm flat surface features a soft minky fabric and provides a stable platform for nursing, while the softer fiber-fill side offers a more snuggly surface.
  • Wrap the Boppy® Two-Sided Nursing Pillow around your waist for ergonomic positioning and comfortable feedings. (Seriously, give those arms a rest!)
  • Use the belt to fit snuggly around you during feedings
  • To wash, remove the foam insert (the foam insert is wipeable) and belt, then toss the pillow into the wash!
  • A Note about Safe Sleep.

Prenatal Comfort Collection

Pregancy Wedge Pillow

Instructions for the Prenatal Comfort Collection

  • Multi-use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow: Designed to provide complete head-to-toe support, our Total Body Pillow follows the body line to support neck, belly, back and hips.
  • Pregnancy Support Pillow: Not too big, not too small, the Support Pillow is just right for better sleep. Supports belly, hips and legs and offers the comfort mom needs without taking over the bed.
  • Pregnancy Wedge: The Pregnancy Wedge is a firm, versatile cushion for back and belly support. Its compact and portable design means mom can put it where she wants it.

Boppy® Newborn Lounger

Boppy Newborn Lounger

Instructions for the Boppy® Newborn Lounger

  • The Boppy® Newborn Lounger is designed specifically to cradle small babies at a gentle angle.
  • Provides the comfort of a swing or bouncer without the batteries. And no assembly required!
  • And because babies are cute, but messy, the easy-clean fabric means you simply wipe the cover clean after every oops.
  • A Note about Safe Sleep.