The New Rules for Registering

November 18, 2018

Creating a baby registry is a great way to steer your excited friends and family to the stuff
you actually need. Here are some tips to make it the most useful registry.

Feel free to start (really) early.

Who cares if you just got the positive pregnancy test and aren’t ready to go public? Some
registries have a setting that lets you build your list in private. Switch it to public only when
you’re ready to share your news.

There’s an upside to starting early—you may be offered discounts on maternity clothes and prenatal vitamins sooner, for instance.

Embrace all of your options.

Gone are the days when everything had to be pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Your gear
doesn’t have to make a gender statement whatsoever. Pick you favorite color palettes–
neutrals with pops of color are also incredibly adaptable.

What’s more, you’re no longer limited to registering at just one place. Pull in great finds from everywhere, either by registering at multiple retailers or by using an aggregate service, where you can add items from multiple websites.

Crowdsource tough choices.

Stuck between two great stroller options? Curate your list by seeking advice not only from
friends and family but from the whole internet. Facebook groups and neighborhood parenting boards can be a great place to ask other parents about their experiences with different products.

Also, keep in mind that almost every major retail site includes in-depth user reviews and
star-based ratings of baby products.

Pull your partner into the process.

Your partner likely understands your wants and needs more than anyone else in your world, and is probably getting accurate intel from new-parent friends as well. Partners who like technology might particularly like helping to pick out the baby monitor.

Veer out of the baby aisle (it’s allowed!).

These days it’s cool to include anything you think you’ll need after delivery, even if it’s not so much for your baby as for you—like, um, a deluxe coffeemaker. You can ask for items that will make life with a baby easier, such as vacuum cleaners and new cameras.

Think ahead to being a mom to a newborn. That might mean gearing up with nursing bras
and cute pajamas, or accessories for breastfeeding, like nursing pillows.

Plan for the big picture.

Get out your crystal ball! Today’s moms are thinking beyond the first months and anticipating what they’ll need as their baby grows.

For instance, if you register for a crib that can convert to a toddler and twin bed but requires the purchase of an additional conversion kit, put that kit on your registry now. You’ll have it when you need it, which is especially smart on the off chance your crib gets discontinued.

While you’re at it, research which convertible car seat, high chair, baby-food maker and
training potty could be a good fit for you. You could add babyproofing items such as gates,
and other stuff you’ll need later, like larger-size diapers.

Do it again with your second.

Pretty much all parents register when expecting their first child, but now it’s routine to sign
up for gear for your next baby too. That’s because today’s registries are not just about
gifts. Registering gets you discounts, benefits and tools, and keeps you organized, so you
can see at a glance what you still need.

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