The Boppy Effect®

Giving Back

We’ve supported moms, dads and babies on their adventures together for more than 25 years. We celebrate families of all sizes and shapes, with love for babies throughout their developmental stages. Blending natural support and comfort, Boppy has grown from the innovative spirit of one mom into the caring worldwide family that it is today. We work hard to give back to parents, babies and like-minded organizations in need.

The Boppy Effect® Mission: We are dedicated to supporting and educating families to improve and strengthen their communities.

How we do this:

  • Educate childcare centers and parents on safe sleep practices for baby with First Candle through outreach programs and information with our baby pillows.
  • Educate expecting moms on how to have a healthy pregnancy with educational materials inside Boppy prenatal pillows with support from C.J. First Candle.
  • We help moms-in-need breastfeed if they choose to do so with Nurse-Family Partnership by donating Boppy Pillows.
  • We donate Boppy products to non-profits and events that support mom and family initiatives.
  • We support our fuzzy four-legged friends by donating well-loved Boppy Products to local animal shelters.



Pregnant & Empowered

Incredible adventures await your new baby. Dedicated to supporting healthy habits during pregnancy, Boppy and First Candle have teamed up to create the Pregnant and Empowered – Kicks Count! program.

  • Start your prenatal care as early as possible and make your appointments a priority.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Prenatal vitamins and folic aid are awesome boosters for your baby’s health. Stay active by taking walks, finding fun exercise classes, or joining friends for healthy recreation.
  • Get plenty of rest. Lots of quality sleep will positively impact your labor. Sleep on your left side for third trimester readiness. Safe Sleep is essential for both mom and baby.
  • Practice counting your baby’s kicks. Monitor your baby’s activity every day beginning in week 28. Use our Kicks Count! chart to log kicks.
  • Be your own advocate. If you are ever concerned about your baby’s movements, request the following tests from your doctor: non-stress test, biophysical profile, ultrasound, contraction stress test.


We are proud to work with these wonderful partners:

  • First Candle Logo
  • Nurse Family Partnerships Logo
  • Good Plus Foundation Logo