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ComfyFit® Baby Carrier - Camo
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It all started with the iconic, beloved and award-winning Boppy® Feeding & Infant Support Pillow, a must-have staple for all nurseries. Three decades later, we have expanded to carriers, teething solutions, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding accessories, baby loungers, travel products and more.

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Woman nursing a baby
The Boppy pillow was a lifesaver! Feeding my son was a breeze while he comfortably rested on the Boppy.
Mom from New Jersey
Newborn baby laying on a newborn lounger
A lifesaver!!! The Boppy lounger is THE best thing you can get for a newborn. It's become my signature gift for all little babies!
Mom from Colorado
Family walking a dog with the dad wearing a baby carrier
I love this carrier! The material is amazingly soft, lightweight, and a great color. The carrier is super easy to put on and does not require that much adjustment, so it is easy if my husband needs to put it on.
Mom from Colorado
Heathered Gray
Elephant Love
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camo comfyfit


"Camouflage is back and more versatile than ever” says Maria Bobila Senior Editor at Fashionista. Camouflage was originally designed to blend in with your surroundings but now it has transformed to make you stand out against the crowds. The Boppy Company is launching a new fashion of the Boppy ComfyFit® Baby Carrier in Black/Gray Camo to support mom’s unique style.
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Mom wearing baby in the Camo ComfyFit Carrier

Top Five Reasons You Should Babywear

After months of maternity wear, there are many pre-baby wardrobe choices new moms are excited to wear again. However, babywearing experts suggest the most important thing a new mother can wear is her newborn. Babywearing keeps babies happier and helps cognitive development. Plus, it can be done with any caregiver!
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Baby sitting in a Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

Questions for Your Baby’s Doctor

As a parent, choosing your baby’s doctor is an important decision. After giving birth, your pediatrician becomes a significant resource for your baby’s health and medical needs. You want a medical professional you can rely on for support and someone you feel comfortable with asking questions. 
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