Cuddle Pillow Cover - Boutique Exclusive


This silky-soft pillow cover for the Boppy® Cuddle Pillow provides naturally breathable comfort. You will stay cool and comfortable through the night. In beautiful, soft solids, you can get comfy and match your pregnancy pillow to your bedroom.

Never miss a good night’s sleep on laundry day! Get plush comfort from your Boppy Cuddle Pillow every day of your pregnancy with a Boppy Cuddle Pillow Cover.

The pillow cover is machine washable. Unzip the pillow cover to easily remove and toss it into the washer and the dryer for easy cleaning!

Planning to bring your pregnancy pillow with you for your delivery? Pack an extra pillow cover in your hospital bag to stay comfy with a fresh cover post-delivery.

Fits Boppy Cuddle Pillows.

The perfect fit: Boppy brand prenatal pillow covers are specifically designed and made to fit Boppy pregnancy contoured pillows and are manufactured to meet The Boppy Company’s high standards.

The Boppy Cuddle Pillow is sold separately. The cozy mid-sized pillow saves on space while the contoured design gives support where you need it. Plush support in a slightly smaller size that your partner will appreciate.



    SOFT, BREATHABLE PILLOW COVER: Get soft, breathable comfort in a pillow cover to fit your Boppy Total Body Pillow perfectly in beautiful solids to match any bedroom 

    STAY COMFY: We’ve got you covered in between washes with extra slipcovers 

    PERFECT FIT: The Boppy Cover fits the contoured Total Body Pillow 

    EASY CARE, MACHINE WASHABLE: The Boppy Pillow Cover is machine washable and dryable

    REGISTRY MUST-HAVE: Select an extra pillow cover for your registry. 

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