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Boppy® ComfyHug™ Hybrid Newborn Baby Carrier

A Hug from day one. The Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Carrier is for comfort and connection. With a hardware free design, yoga-inspired wraps and a soft structured center panel for baby, the ComfyHug can securely and comfortably carry babies as small as 5lbs. The size inclusive design conforms to your and baby’s changing bodies. Caregivers from plus sized to petite will be comfortable.

Designed for newborns, you can rest assured that baby will be secure from day one. The ComfyHug was created with NICU experts and parents of preemie babies to ensure a great fit for your newborn.

  • Hardware-free Hybrid Design: The comfort of a wrap and the security of a traditional carrier in a straightforward, hardware-free design 
  • Inclusive Design: Caregivers from plus sized to petite will be comfortable. 
  • Tank Top-Style Arm Straps: The tank-top style straps give added comfort and a perfect place for skin-to-skin bonding
  • Snuggle Screen Panel: The unique mesh screen provides shade, lowers distractions, acts as a nursing cover when breastfeeding in carrier and creates an even cozier environment for baby 
  • Easy Care, Machine Washable: The Boppy Carrier is machine washable because messes happen
  • Recommended Weight: 0m+ | 5-20 lbs 

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    "The Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Carrier has a lot of medical benefits for our babies. It goes down to 5lbs so some of our smallest babies can be held safely and snuggly and can provide skin-to-skin care. Caregivers of newborns are able to hold their baby close to them which is important medically so they can grow, be calmed, and maintain their temperature. Further, the baby’s legs are in the proper position so the hips continue to be aligned and baby won’t have issues as they get older." -
    Kim Costello, DO, a director of neonatology in Central Pennsylvania

    Boppy Anywhere™ Nursing Pillow

    Ergonomic support when feeding, anywhere you go! The Anywhere Nursing Pillow provides spot-on feeding support anywhere you need it. Great for small living spaces, moms on the go, and breastfeeding moms recovering from a caesarean delivery. Use it at home and bring it with you on outings or leave one in your car so you are always traveling with the nursing support you and baby need!

    The breathable yoga-inspired fabric belt holds the pillow in place. The open design is great for women plus sized to petite and women recovering from c-sections. The contoured shape allows for multiple feeding positions in a smaller size.
    • Nurse Comfortably Anywhere: Perfect for nursing at home and on the go
    • Plus Sized to Petite: Uncompromising ergonomic support for petite to plus sized and the open design is comfortable for c-section recovery
    • Many Feeding Styles: The unique shape and stretch belt support the feeding style that works for you
    • Stores Small: Great for small living spaces, to keep in your car, or to bring with you while on the go
    • Yoga-Inspired Belt: Yoga-inspired fabric strap keeps pillow in place and you comfortable
    • Easy Care: Upholstered in a soft, machine washable fabric
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