Boppy Launches a New Website

Boppy Launches a New Website

The Boppy Company launched a newly redesigned website that connects to visitors emotionally while featuring diversity of products and engaging users with educational content. The new website provides an intuitive user experience, improved functionality with a clean design featuring lifestyle imagery.  Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest Boppy and industry news through new online Blog with posts ranging from fun engagement campaigns to expert breastfeeding articles.


The new website was created with the user experience in mind and the site includes many features that help parents-to-be, gift givers and moms alike find what they are looking for. The new features include:

  • Updated header showcasing the diverse range of categories of Boppy® Products.
  • Responsive functionality that is compatible on any device including mobile.
  • Intuitive and interactive elements to help visitors learn about products (“Let Us Make Your Day More Comfy”) and educate themselves on Safe Sleep practices (“Safe Sleep for Baby”).
  • Product categories show updated images of products, color/swatch options and stars for average reviews.
  • Each individual product page promotes authenticity with consumer photos showing how parents and babies use Boppy Products, in-depth reviews and detailed product descriptions.


“Today’s consumers are engaged and connected which means we need to be there for them from any device, anytime,” said Nancy Bartley, Chief Executive Officer, The Boppy Company.  “Living our tagline, Support for all Momkind®, is central to our success. From product design and development to education and support, Boppy strives to connect with wide-eyed moms-to-be who wade into the sometimes overwhelming seas of this new life stage.  The Zenman team captured perfectly our approachable brand personality while bringing forward the beauty, simplicity and famous fashions that are well-loved worldwide.”

“Working with a Colorado founded brand that has such an inspiring story of entrepreneurship was a considerable honor,” said, Keith Roberts, Creative Director & Founder, Zenman. “Especially when it’s a company you believe in and in this case my family depended on.”

The Boppy® Pillow is the pioneer and trusted leader in the feeding and support pillow category.  The company has grown well-beyond the hero product with an array of products for expecting moms, families and newborns up to toddlers, as seen in the new brand video, which is featured on the new site at



About Zenman

Founded in 1998, Zenman is a Web Agency located in Denver, Colorado. Recently recognized by Colorado Biz Magazine as the “The Best Marketing/Advertising Agency”, Zenman gains its edge through strong creative and business leadership and relies on decades of design experience in crafting campaigns that convert to quantifiable results for their clients. Zenman is an oasis of creativity in what can be a dry, repetitive media landscape.

About The Boppy Company

Founded in 1989, The Boppy Company is the leader in creating comfortable, supportive and award-winning products for mom and baby. To date, Boppy® Products have won over 50 awards and continue to be named must-have products around the world. Most well-known as the maker of the world’s original nursing pillow, the iconic Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, The Boppy Company has expanded into skincare, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding accessories, baby loungers, baby clothing and plush goods, baby travel products, nursery products and baby seats. For more information, visit The Boppy Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Artsana Group,

Kassidy Foster