Lauren with her two sons.

Parents Like You Telling Stories About Boppy Love – Lauren

Stay-at-home mom to Desmond, 3 years and  Maxwell, 4 months
Lives in Washington

Lauren, a stay-at-home mom to two boys under the age of three, is busy walking her own motherhood journey. Transition has been the theme that’s surrounded Lauren and her husband over the last few years. Fertility trouble, two high-risk pregnancies, and a couple of moves have made up what Lauren calls “bittersweet” moments that have led up to today.

Now, she is working on balancing life with two. Lauren says she is raising sons that couldn’t be more different from one another. While Desmond is a vibrant, spirited toddler, Maxwell is taking on the more laid back role of cuddly little brother. Figuring out how to manage a household with big personalities from two little guys has been a work in progress. Lauren learns something new about each of them daily and has enjoyed watching Desmond go from feeling confused about a new baby in the house to the role of helpful (most of the time) big brother.

The transition from one child to two means change for the whole family—along with a packed house full of baby gadgets and toddler toys. Lauren thought she already had everything she needed for Maxwell’s arrival, but when a friend was cleaning out her pile of baby gear, she asked Lauren if she wanted anything from it. She swiped her friend’s Newborn Lounger from The Boppy Company, not having any idea of the pivotal role it would soon play in her daily life.

The Boppy Lounger is now considered Maxwell’s “safe place”. When Lauren has to quickly set him down to avert a toddler crisis, the Boppy Lounger is right by her side. She says that every parent’s number one concern is the safety of their children. Having a product she can trust when she can’t hold Maxwell has been a huge relief. She also mentions how comfortable the Lounger is for Maxwell. She’s impressed that with such a simple design, a product can be so important.

Lauren laughed when asked how long Maxwell would use the Boppy Lounger, mentioning it will be a sad day when she has to put it away. Who knew one baby product could be relied on for so long?

With life looking quite different these days as a mom of two, Lauren is adjusting well. Each day gets a little easier and she’s enjoying getting to see her sons interact and grow up together..