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Part 4: How to be the BEST Birthing Partner Ever—BONDING

Birth is an intense and magical adventure. No matter the outcome, it will change your life forever, always keep you on your toes, and lead you to a constant state of discovery of yourself and the world around you. By now, your partner may have already picked up your nursing pillow, carrier, and a bunch of other products you didn’t know you’d need, and are preparing to give birth! But birth is not just a thing a pregnant person does. Birthing partners are just as important in creating the positive memories we all hope to have surrounding the births of our children. Keep reading to for some tips to become the BEST birthing partner you can be and have your partner gazing upon you with eyes of gratitude and adoration, while they shower you with presents! Ok. Maybe not presents, but they’ll sure appreciate it!


The doula who shared these tips, Ashley Blankenship with Supported Season, had so many great tips we created a partner support blog serries! Stay tuned for more doula advice and check out tips for preparation, communication and self-care.


Baby’s here. Now what?


Once baby arrives and you both gaze into their eyes, it’s important to try feeding your baby right away. Feeding your baby for the first time can be an exciting, but potentially anxiety-inducing event. Making sure everyone is comfy is very important so focus can be on the task at hand, and not on a sore back or arms. Finding a pillow made specifically for feeding is so helpful.


After birth, your partner may have some energy for a while, but they will soon be exhausted! While they rest, it’s the perfect time to bond with the latest member of the family. Although you may have gotten some rest during the labor, you’re likely to be pretty tired yourself. Cue the Comfyhug Baby Carrier! Out of the womb, your baby craves close contact with others. Skin-to-skin is best. It’s called “Kangaroo care” and it regulates baby’s heart and breathing and calms and soothes them ( Strapping on a carrier is such a simple way to bond and soothe baby. So while your partner rests, enjoy the incredible feeling of your baby snuggled to your chest! Your arms will thank you, and the soft fabric of the Comfyhug Baby Carrier ensures you’ll both be comfortable as it cradles your skin.


I know you will be the very best birthing partner at your first (or next) birth! Stick to these tips and you’re sure to wow your partner with how supportive you can be! With patience, support, and love, your baby will come into this world knowing they are cared for, and that’s all that matters. Congratulations!


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