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Join us in Keeping Babies Safe!

Boppy products are designed by women and mothers to provide the most support possible. From nursing solutions to a hands-free moment, we’re here for you. We want to ensure you are using your Boppy product(s) correctly and confidently…because there are enough unknowns in parenting!

Boppy Nursing Pillows are created for adult-supervised awake-time only. If your baby does fall asleep on a Boppy product, it’s time to move them to a safe sleeping spot. We have partnered with First Candle, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to the survival of babies throughout the first years of life, to share some safe sleep recommendations.



To ensure Boppy products are being used correctly while baby is with another caretaker, share this Caregiver Guide so they know proper use when you’re away. Always remind your caregivers that Boppy products are for adult-supervised awake-time only.

Is your daycare using Boppy products? Ensure they are using them correctly by sharing this Daycare Use Guide!


The Boppy Pledge!

Boppy has been a supportive partner to First Candle, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to the survival of babies throughout the first years of life, since 2015. First Candle has helped us in educating Boppy caregivers through Safe Sleep tips and tools over the years but now we are asking for our Boppy parents to take action!

We are so excited to share the Boppy Pledge. With the Boppy Pledge, we ask you to pledge to use Boppy products correctly and safely and to ask others to do the same by sharing the pledge with your friends and family. With each pledge, Boppy will donate $1 to First Candle to further support its efforts in SIDs education and loss support. We hope you will help us keep more babies safe and help us spread the word to raise money for SIDs education through First Candle.  

Ready to take the pledge?

Take the pledge to use Boppy Pillows for adult-supervised awake time only. Boppy will donate $1 to First Candle, an organization dedicated to saving babies and supporting families, for every pledge made up to $10,000!


Additional Questions?

If you have a question about your Boppy product(s) and can’t find the answer in the product use pagesFAQ page, or video hub, feel free to reach out to On the other end is our Queen of Service, Rachel, who is happy to help! 


For more information on safe sleep:

Source: Safe Sleep and Your Baby: How Parents Can Reduce the Risk of SIDS and Suffocation (© 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics)

*Source: First Candle


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