Adults in a classroom in Denver attending a Sleep Safe workshop

Denver Safe Sleep Workshop

Our Safe Sleep Partner, First Candle, joined the Boppy team in Denver at the mama’hood to present safe sleep tips and best practices to expecting parents and healthcare professionals.

The Straight Talk Parent Classes provided an opportunity to educate new and expecting parents on Safe Sleep Guidelines for infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations were explained and, most importantly the reason behind these recommendations. To download these Safe Sleep Guidelines click here (PDF).

The professional healthcare training consisted of a thorough overview of the Safe Sleep Guidelines developed by The American Academy of Pediatrics and the reasoning behind each one. Through group discussion and role play, participants gained an understanding of how to create a two-way conversation with parents to first identify family practices and beliefs, provide accurate information about safe sleep and breastfeeding and gain acceptance of these practices and finally problem solve how it might be accomplished when there are obstacles. Trainees also learned how to help parents create a plan about how they can implement safe sleep and breastfeeding that considers their beliefs, values, and living and working situations, so they feel equipped to be successful.

About First Candle
First Candle is national 501 c(3) committed to ending Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other sleep-related infant deaths through education and outreach while providing bereavement support to those who have experienced a loss.

About the mama ’hood
Established in 2012, the mama ‘hood addresses the needs of mothers before and after welcoming a baby, creating a community for new moms and their families in Denver, CO. They welcome families of all types, composition and orientation throughout each day for a variety of classes and groups, as well as boasting a curated retail boutique, providing the essentials for growing families. To learn more about the mama ‘hood and become part of their community, visit

Kassidy Foster