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The Boppy Company and First Candle – a trusted leader in infant health and survival – are working together to educate moms-to-be on how to foster healthy habits during pregnancy with the Pregnant and Empowered – Kicks Count! program.

Inside every purchased Boppy® Custom Fit Total Body Pillow, you’ll find information on how to perform a kicks count daily regimen and additional information on healthy prenatal care for mom and baby.


Download the Pregnant & Empowered Brochure


Pregnant & Empowered Brochure


Some Helpful Tips


Five things a mom-to-be should know for a healthy pregnancy and safe birth. To read more about them, please check out the Full Blog Post.

  • Start your prenatal care as early as possible and keep all appointments
  • Maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Practice counting your baby’s kicks – download your very own Kicks Count! Chart
  • Become your own advocate

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Learn more about First Candle and the Pregnant & Empowered program: Click Here to Learn More