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meet the team

Just as we love meeting you, we thought you may like to meet the hard-working, passionate team of Boppy Company employees. From our World Headquarters in Golden, Colorado, this talented group of men and women bring you the products you've grown to know and love. Make sure to check back with us, so you can meet the whole team.

Photo: Teresa Mead Photo: Teresa Mead

Teresa Mead

Photo: Susanne Orth Photo: Susanne Orth

Susanne Orth

Photo: Rachel Drummond Photo: Rachel Drummond

Rachel Drummond

Photo: Parker Photo: Parker


Photo: Paola Merlo Photo: Paola Merlo

Paola Merlo

Photo: Pam Shepherd Photo: Pam Shepherd

Pam Shepherd

Photo: Nancy Bartley Photo: Nancy Bartley

Nancy Bartley

Photo: Mimi Wogtech Photo: Mimi Wogtech

Mimi Wogtech

Photo: Lindsay Klein Photo: Lindsay Klein

Lindsay Klein

Photo: Li Ma Photo: Li Ma

Li Ma

Photo: Kristyn Mendel Photo: Kristyn Mendel

Kristyn Mendel

Photo: Katrina Brown Photo: Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown

Photo: Julia Larrabee Photo: Julia Larrabee

Julia Larrabee

Photo: Jessica Doyle Photo: Jessica Doyle

Jessica Doyle

Photo: Jeff Warde Photo: Jeff Warde

Jeff Warde

Photo: Haley Gibbons Photo: Haley Gibbons

Haley Gibbons

Photo: Dawn Kennedy Photo: Dawn Kennedy

Dawn Kennedy

Photo: Clarice Bonzer Photo: Clarice Bonzer

Clarice Bonzer

Photo: Cindi Rapp Photo: Cindi Rapp

Cindi Rapp

Photo: Chandra Buxman Photo: Chandra Buxman

Chandra Buxman

Photo: Cathy McNeil Photo: Cathy McNeil

Cathy McNeil

Photo: Boppy PIllow Photo: Boppy PIllow

Boppy PIllow

Photo: Beth Jarabek Photo: Beth Jarabek

Beth Jarabek

Photo: Amy St. Germain Photo: Amy St. Germain

Amy St. Germain

Photo: Amanda Krusoe Photo: Amanda Krusoe

Amanda Krusoe