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Meet Denise: Boppy August Employee Spotlight

August 17, 2013


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Meet Denise: Boppy August Employee Spotlight

Meet Denise – Our Relationships Marketing Manager


Denise has been with The Boppy Company since 2009.  Sometimes her adorable boy, Preston, stops by to visit us in the office and steals the show. She’s an amazing baker and can recite our Boppy Guarantee by heart.  We wanted to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her! 


  1. What is your favorite food?  Any meal shared with close friends, good wine, and a lot of laughter make the food my favorite.
  2. What is your favorite day of the week? Any day of the week I can spend with my family.
  3. What is your favorite thing to do? Bake.
  4. Who is one person in history you would like to meet?  William Shakespeare.
  5. If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you?  Amy Adams or Isla Fisher, I would have to stick with the gingers.
  6. When you were young, what was your favorite TV show? I loved the Muppet Show, but especially Pigs in Space.  I even had the lunch box.
  7. Cat or Dog? Dogs, preferably ones that are larger than cats.
  8. What is your favorite sport to watch? The Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale.
  9. What is your favorite number? 7
  10. PC or Mac? Mac at home, PC at the office. 
  11. Do you sing in the shower?  Loudly.  And in my car too.  I like to let my inner Aretha out.
  12. What phobias do you have? Should I have a phobia?  I’m afraid I don’t have one…
  13. What would you do if you won $50 million in the lottery?
  14. Why do you love working at The Boppy Company? I’m lucky enough to go to work every day with an amazing and talented group of people.  It doesn’t get much better than that.
  15. What’s something about you that most people don’t know?  Is this a trick question?
  16. What special skills do you have? Gardening.  We have a huge vegetable garden every year full of heirloom plants.  I love being able to just go out to the garden to pick something for dinner.