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Meet Cathy: Boppy April Employee Spotlight

April 24, 2013


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Meet Cathy: Boppy April Employee Spotlight

Meet Cathy – Our Senior Designer




She’s been with The Boppy Company for 15 years, a mom of 3 girls and is the woman behind all of the amazing Boppy designs and prints! We wanted to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her! 


  1. Where were you born? I am a Midwesterner

  2. Where did you go to school? My art training is from the College of Arts and Crafts – Berkley, CA

  3. What is your favorite food? Anything with garlic and butter

  4. Are you messy or organized? I consider myself an organized disaster.

  5. What is your favorite day of the week? Monday – it always feels fresh, like a new start

  6. What was your first car? Orange Honda Civic (the old washing machine size variety)

  7. If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you? Goldie Hawn when I was young, Maggie Smith now.

  8. When you were young, what was your favorite TV show? I hate to admit this – Gilligan’s Island or Flintstones

  9. What is your favorite sport to watch? I don’t watch sports so can’t answer this, but I wouldn’t mind being at a café in France and seeing the Tour de France ride by

  10. What is your favorite music/song/band? Nightingale (old-time and Canadian dance music – I know…weird)

  11. PC or Mac? Seriously? What is a PC?

  12. Do you sing in the shower? NO, but I do talk to myself

  13. Why do you love working at The Boppy Company? I really enjoy the people that I work with, they have become family to me. AND I love the “work” that I do – not to mention the unending supply of chocolate! What could be better?

  14. What’s something about you that most people don’t know? Before joining the Boppy family, I was a theatrical set designer and scenic painter.

  15. What special skills do you have? I can make dinner and prepare to entertain 50 guests on 8 hours notice. And I can make anything with a hot glue gun.