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Get One, Give One Story: May 28

May 28, 2013


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Get One, Give One Story: May 28


For every Boppy Pillow purchased at Babies”R”Us in May, The Boppy Company is donating one to a mom-in-need through Nurse-Family Partnership. With your help, we will be giving $250,000 worth of Boppy Pillows to moms(and babies)-in-need. Each day during the month of May, we will be sharing a story of a Nurse-Family Partnership mom.


Meet Carla’s sweet son Nicolas (when he was a newborn), a mom and baby supported and helped through Nurse-Family Partnership and the Get One, Give One program: 




Read Carla’s Story: 



My name is Carla and Lourdes is my wonderful nurse. I just want to thank you for this amazing pillow that your program gave to me because it has worked for Nicolas and Me ever since he was born. 

When he was only a newborn, I used it all the time for breastfeeding. It made breastfeeding so comfortable and easy!! For both of us. When he was a little older, he loved it to just to lay on. Now that he is 6 months old, he is using it for sitting up and playing. It supports him very well =)

We both love it a lot!! It has been tremendous help for me and one of the best gifts I ever got! One of the most useful ones! Definitely every new mom should have one!

Thank you!

Carla and Nicolas




Donate to Nurse-Family Partnership directly and help these young moms thrive and give their children born into poverty a better start…




Watch our Get One, Give One Video: