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The Numbers Don't Lie

Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center improved breastfeeding rates from 34% in 2011 to 80% in 2013. One of the factors was the use of a nursing pillow. Find out more here.

Consumer research shows that using a C-shaped nursing pillow in the hospital increases nursing success.

71% of moms that used a C-shaped nursing pillow in the hospital left successfully nursing.*

*Boppy Birth Mom Research Study, March 2011 ??? N=500 birth moms ??? with babies under 12 mos. in age. (statistical difference at 99% confidence level)

Boppy Pillow

Boppy® HC Pillow with Disposable Slipcover

Created specifically for healthcare use, the durable, wipeable Boppy?? HC Pillow has a comfortable ergonomic design to ease strain on mom and provide comfort for her newborn. At the same time, this pillow addresses the infection control issues of healthcare facilities. The HC Pillow should be used for feeding only and can be used with Boppy?? Disposable Slipcovers.

Boppy Slipcover

Boppy® Disposable Slipcovers

Simple and soft, these covers fit the Boppy feeding pillow with an easy tab closure. The water-repellant fabric comfortably protects the HC pillow and is latex-free.

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Breastfeeding Success Begins in the Hospital

What professionals are saying

"Nursing pillows play a role in increased breastfeeding success."

Regina Minert, RNC, BSN, IBCLC

Denver, CO

"My moms love the Boppy pillow. They look forward to using it, they know our hospital provides them. They also ask for and use them for baby gifts and after fresh c-sections. The Boppy pillow works really well for patients; it's just so easy and accomodating!"

Joyce, lactation consultant

St. Nicholas Hospital, Sheboygan, WI

The Facts

99% of healthcare professionals surveyed at the 2010 AWHONN show in Las Vegas agree that using the Boppy® pillow helps increase breast feeding rates at discharge.

99.96% of healthcare professionals surveyed at the 2009 AWHONN show in San Diego agree that the Boppy® pillow helps parent and baby bond.