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Calling All Healthcare Professionals!

April 16, 2013


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Calling All Healthcare Professionals!

The Boppy Company supports Healthcare Professionals looking to improve hospital breastfeeding rates.


Recent study shows Nursing Pillows play a role in increased breastfeeding success rates.*


  • Long-term breastfeeding success is best achieved with proper instruction, intervention and tools in the first critical days postpartum. 
  • Hospitals are at the front line of efforts to increase breastfeeding rates. 
  • The use of Boppy® HC Pillows improved mother/baby positioning, making breastfeeding more comfortable and setting the foundation for breastfeeding success.

 Check out some of these great resources to help your patients:


For more information or to get started, contact Amanda Krusoe at or 720-746-3849.


*Source: Regina Minert, RNC, BSN, IBLC